May 26, 2011


Dear friends, followers and readers we are so deep gratitude to each one who took a part to help us in Special Project to graduates!

We have $525 for orphans. Is not amazing it?! Is not a blessing from God? Is not it a miracle? This all would not be happened without all of you! Thank you so much on behalf of ukrainian orphans!
Thank you so much for your prayers and donation! We cherish each your little step in it, each prayer and each donation!
We  worried some what we would present to kids this year?We did not know what to expect. What will happen?

But our Lord Jesus is wonderful and great God! He is soooo good to us!He blessed and we can help orphans! Thank you soooooo much being blessing to orphans!

We already bought gifts to all 81 orphans!Wow!It is great! And tomorrow we are going to visit 2 orphanages what will have graduation.Please, pray for these children.They need our prayers all time.

Tomorrow i will post pictures of presents to orphans and tell more about it.Thank you so much! Our hearts are full of gladness and we are so happy! What a blessing we have!It is amazing!May the Lord richly bless you!

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