April 30, 2011

It was so beautiful!

It was so beautiful and wonderful to see these girls! What a blessed day we had! 
We rested at night not so well and felt not well in the morning too. We felt tired yet after visiting of boys in mental institution.We called to director of orphanage and asked him, can we come tomorrow(Saturday)? He said to us,it is better today.
Also Sasha and Nadya could not ride with us for some reason.
Nadya has worries in her family right now.Her mother is very sick and she is at hospital.Also her brother had wreck on scooter few days ago.He break bones on his head and he is dieing in hospital.Nadya should to care about her relatives and sometimes she can not be with us.Please, pray for our team.:(
We did not have enough people who could to help.So, we decided to ride as we did not have other solution.We had worry how we will feel ourselves during the program with children?We had worry how everything will work?We felt and thought that we will fall down during a program with children. 

But we had a great and beautiful day with children! It is your merit! :) We know many of you praying for us! Thank you!Our Lord Jesus is soo good and mercy to us!He blessed and gave us a strength during a program!Praise the lord!

We wanted to divide all children by two groups and have time with each of them. We have several reasons for that.We can train and teach children more deeply and extensively. Also it is easier for us.Children are more quiet and do not run etc.But it takes much time for us.

If all children are together in one time.It easier for us because it takes smaller time, we can see all children.But when they together it is heavier because some of them run, make noise etc.And we can not teach them deeply and individually.Yes, caretakers help us! But physically it is heavy!

So, when we divide all children by two groups or they are together in one time.There is pluses and minus.Each time is different when we come there. 
So, what we have done there? In this time girls were together in one time.
We sang few songs using a guitar,  learnt a song with movements with children.
                                        Here children were sitting and it was nice!
                          We had puppet show.Children love it much!
 We told a Bible story about resurrection of Jesus Christ.We noticed they were sitting quiet in this time and were interesting to watch and listen.They were interesting to watch and touch the flannelgraph.Some of kids came closer to that and studied to touch and learn what is it.It was interesting to observe.
Also we have played a game.They have learned to place stickers.We printed a big picture about resurrection of Jesus, placed a sticky tape on stickers what we printed also.It looked not so bad and they loved it to play!

In the end we gave to each of them a half of banana.Oh, how they were glad!Some of them even asked more!But we could not give them more bananas...

It was heartbreaking to watch what clothes and shoes children wear...Even a repair is nice in orphanage.Before it was horrible place!Children wear old and worn out clothes...It can be too big or too small size of clothes.There can be holes on clothes dirty no buttons,  zippers break on trousers.

Also boots are very worn out with holes, broken zippers, too big size, malformed etc. Some of children had broken soles of their boots. And it hang when they walk and lift up their foot.It is horrible view! Can you imagine how you will walk with break soles?How long you will walk this way?Children should to wear it all time!

In this day was very hot! About 25`C. It is about 77` F.Many children were in boots! Oh, no! We were wet because of hot weather! Can you imagine how children felt in boots in hot weather?

Administration of orphanage many times asked us to help with shoes for children.We are not able to buy.Can you please, to help? Probably some of you have a shoes which you or your children do not wear?Or maybe even worn out but in good condition?Can you please to send to help orphans?All sizes will be good!Because there are girls 5-35 years old.
 Can you please to help orphans do not suffer?..

Also children are suffer much under this covering outside.Because of the hot weather.It influense on them and they start to be annoyed. Caretakers would like take children and will hidden them in shadow.They have good place in garden.But the government, special service for children does not let them do it.They explain.If government have done this covering, children should to be under it.No matter which weather...So, children should suffer because of nice appearance of this covering...

We have to pray much that Lord will  make soft hearts of this service for children...

Also we were able to visit more severe children.Who can not eat themselves, walk, something to do etc.They necessary just love and care.
                                                            We gave bananas
Here we have played a lot with children. Many of them asked us.They do not speak but you see their eyes and as they pull their hands to you.
                                                         They are so sweet!
We played with them, rotated, carried, swung, tickled, played with a ball etc.

  Before we came to the room they were weeping, screaming etc.This girl was alone lying between these balls and cried.She was alone, no one did not pay attention on her...Oh, poor little girl!

When we took her on hands we could not leave her.Caretakers call her Roksa because of her name Roksolana. She is so sweet and adorable!She is so skinny, only bones! When we tickled her she loved it so much and laughed!
When we took her on hands we could not leave her.When we left her, she started to cry.Many children wanted to play with us.We felt like tear up on many peaces because all children wanted to play.We wanted will give our care and our love to each one.But it is really hard!

Some of girls wanted they just touch to us.It brought to them many joy!You could see their smiles just because you gave to them your hand or had let them to touch to you! Really it is heartbreaking and tears have run on your face. Imagine how they feel lonely if it brings to them many gladness just touching to you...
When we started to play, children were laughed so much!Oh my goodness how they were happy!You need to see it!
When you see this girl your heart starts to be broken off.She does not speak, does not understand many things.As you see she is bending.We noticed it only later.She was sitting so quite and we thought she is well. When caretaker made free because children were going to eat, we have found she was wet.You never will know how many hours she was sitting this way.
                                       We changed her clothes.
Also we wanted to help caretakers to feed children.One lady agreed and even was surprised.We waited few minutes until other caretaker will bring a food.Some later other caretaker came into the dining room and she wanted to closed the door.She explained children were nervous because they saw us.So, we decided will go away that would not be any trouble.So, we did not help to feed children.
Other children were walking to eat.They all time walking these group together.

We came back to home very tired.Also our clothes smelled  much not good, because inside of buildings smell even caretakers clean everywhere and we played with children.
Even we came back tired and smell bad, we were happy we could to see these special children and spend time with them.We were glad to see their smiles and hear their laughing. We were happy to bring to them if only a little sunshine to their life and make their day more light.

On the way to home we saw these beautiful flowers.The nature wakes up.God created so many beautiful flowers for His glory and our pleasure!
Flowers need sunshine, earth and rain.If they will get it, they will grow beautiful and it gratify our eyes and our hearts.

But it is very easy will trample down these flowers, make the awful or tear off.They die soon...

Same is these special kids.They are like flowers! They are creation of God, He made them beautiful! They are not protected and so delicate! It is so easy to trample down them as flowers! Children necessary protection, care, love etc.If children do not get a love and care. They die soon as spurning  flowers...God call us to protect these children, care and love them as much as we can, as much as He give us a strength and wisdom.
Let `s do it together for glory of God, care, love, protect them! That these children will not be trampling!
What would you do? Allow them to blossom or will pass by?...


  1. You write with such love and tenderness about these precious girls. God bless them and you too!

  2. Thank you for your work for these children! Where would we send the shoes/boots if we have some to give?

  3. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Please tell Nadya we're praying for her family.

  4. Yes, you are right Sabrina.It is heartbreaking in same time...Thank you for prayers!I will tell Nadya.

    Stephanie and Lisa, thank you for comments!

    Lisa, please, e-mail me bibleorphanministry@mail.ru Thank you!

    God bless you all!


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