May 15, 2011

Abondoned children in mental institutions

"The original documentary is set in a small Bulgarian village in an institute called Mogilino,a place where 75 unwanted disabled children are growing up. Many of them cannot walk or talk, not necessarily because they are unable to, but because they have been neglected and have never had the opportunity to learn." -from those who posted this video on YouTube.

This makes me sick to my stomach.I can't stop the tears from coming...It is heartbreaking to know  orphans suffer much.It is heartbreaking to know and see orphans suffer same way in some mental institutions in Ukraine too.

In one mental institution which we visit have die 7-9 kids every year...
Yesterday i have found one family was going to adopt a little sweet boy from Eastern Europe. But he has died. It is awful news!Can you imagine it? The someone whom you love and wait to see him/her and you find he has died.
From this blog:
"As I write this, my hands are trembling and tears are streaming down my face and onto the keyboard. I have never felt like this before. I am so terribly sad that my little angel never got a chance to see his mama and papa. He never knew the love of a family. I was not there for him as he struggled to hang on until I could unite him with his forever family. My  poor little angel will never see a beautiful sunrise over the pond. He will never know the joy of a spring morning playing with his brothers and sisters or the incredible happiness that can come from the morning song of a robin."

I was going to post about our last trips to orphanages what we had last days.But i can not...I can not stop to thinking about kids with special needs...I can not stop to think how much they suffer and they are neglecting.I can not stop to think how they lonely.I can not stop to think about their horrible life and not protected.
That is terrible, awful!I can not find words to write my feelings.

I wonder how many orphans with special needs suffer in the world?...

 Some of them never can be adopted... That is why we visit orphans in mental institutions and we are waiting for the opportunity to help them more.We pray and beg Jesus to help these kids and bring to them if only a little light and make their life more bright.

 But even we visit them we can not hug all of them during a trip, we can not play with each of them, even we would like. But most of all we can not give to them full love and everything a child need and can get in a loving family.

Please, watch this video.

We would like to give thanks to each one who trying to adopt little angels, take them away from horrible places and give them a new better life!Dear friends thank you so much!
Thank you so much who advocating about little angels to exert all efforts to help them find a family where a child can find a love and help financial.Thank you so much!You do great job!

My tears rolling and rolling down and a big lump is in my  throat when i watch this video again and again how suffer kids...
Thank you to each one who trying to help kids with special needs even in a little step! Thank you so much on behalf of orphans in Ukraine!May the Lord bless you!

We would like to mention here, Christopher, Macie and Delia beautiful kids about whom advocation our very dear friend Sabrina. Also Teri Lynn, adorable girl.About her advocating 15 years old girl Brianna, who has such huge heart to orphans too! I think how long these kids will feel lonely, how long they will suffer, when they will see their dear mammy and daddy? Please, pray about these orphans, they can find a family and pray about orphans in Ukraine.
Please, visit  blogs our friends and help them as much as you able, in any step you can do.Thank you so much!

Christopher, Macie and Delia 
 Teri Lynn

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