May 29, 2011

Please, help her to have a better life...

Please, help her to have a better life.Please, help her to save from lonely and ignoring by everyone life.

In Eastern Europe is little girl who need your help to be happy do not be alone.
We are so blessed to see how Lord provides and bless our ministry! We are so thankful to you who still donate to Bible Orphan Ministry! Big HUGE thank you to you!

But we are worry about little girl Teri Lynn...Our friends enclose all their efforts that to find finances will help this little girl to find a family. Their goal is to help $3.500. Teri has only $230. Very soon she will be 6 years old. It is means she can be transfer to mental institution.

It is means she will sit all day long on bench, every day all same, she will not have any education, no one will not play with her, no one will not listen her, no one will not hug and kiss her, she will wear not new dress and her hair will shear, she will not wear hairpin or bobby pin, she will not have her own toy, she will not eat what she would like but she will eat what she will receive, she never will eat icecream or any sweets,she will be alone and ignoring by everyone.No one will not ask her what she would like to receive, she will not leave a place where she will live to see nature or people or life in different places.She will not feel how to be loved and protected.She will be lost in crowd.Can you imagine life like it?

Here is very short video a life of orphans in mental institution.

 Please, please, help her to save from this awful life!
Please, share and pray about her.Pray God will help her to send a family who can help her and give a better life.A family who will love and protect her.

Our friends have only few days!Please,visit this blog
Thank you!May the Lord bless you!

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  1. What an amazing video. It is hard to watch and know that those boys are locked away from the world, unloved and forgotten. Thank you for visiting them and showing them the love of Jesus.


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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