March 24, 2011

A new little blessing

We have a new little blessing! God blessed and we could to buy a new colored pencils.We are very glad!Because we asked the Lord to help us and it was problem fo us. We have several orphanages where we have Bible lessons each week.Children LOVE very much to make crafts, draw or something like it.Each orphanage is different and sometimes we have more than 45 kids in one lesson. We have just 10-12 boxes of colored pencils.We use them more than 4 years, some pencils have lost, some is not good, some boxes do not have all colors. Sometimes children ask us: "Can you please, give me a red color or grey?" We answer, "No honey, we do not have this color.May be you will change for other color?"
Or we have but 5 pencils of one color for 45 kids.

But most of all was a problem when 10-12 boxes of pencils are for 45 children.Yes, we know it is not so big trouble!

But we are glad and very much glad!We are very much happy we could to buy them in metal boxes.Why? Because we travel a lot of by different transport and we take it with ourself all time. If even pencils would be in paper boxes.It is not problem! But in several weeks paper boxes would be broken. 

If someone used ukrainian buses anywhen has to remember it. Especially buses which goes to villages.For those who do know we think have to tell.There a lot of people who go with many  big bags who push you, no place where to sit or sometimes even where to stand. We got used to it. It is not problem. But sometimes when you take something with you it can be broken, deform or lose it. The buses so full of people. We call it like "fish in preserves" or "tinned food".Sometimes it is really funny and adventure! :)
So, our stuff and pencils were pushed a million times.

We have to think how to use what we have during long time and that it will be effective and do not waste money.
We could to buy 20 new boxes of colored pencils! We are very glad and thankful to the Lord!
We are very glad children can enjoy it and do not have to wait for color pencil they would like to use.We are very glad God answered our prayers and use you Friends for His Glory!

Dear Friends and Readers, thank you so much for your prayers and support on behalf of orphans!May the Lord richly bless you!

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