March 9, 2011

How they are precious!

Last Saturday our team was able to visit orphanage what we visit regularly every Saturday.
We are sorry we post it is so late.We were very much busy with different things in ministry during last few days.:)

We had very nice time with children!

As all time we divided all kids of orphanage to 2 groups. Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with elder kids.
Sasha reminded them about God.We have to walk before Him in pure and clear our Christians life.
Also they sang songs about God and have played different games.They had fun time!More than 25 teens came to this meeting.
In this time Oksana, Nadya and Alla had meeting with younger children.
In the beginning of the Bible lesson we congratulated our children who had Birthday last week.
   Oh, how they were happy!It`s just very simple toy.Children very and very glad to get any toy! 

Several boys almost were weeping that they did not get toys.They came closer to us and asked.Do you have a toy for me?
Really it is heartbreaking to hear it.It is hard to watch in their eyes and adorable faces which are waiting that you answer to him.Oh, yes! I have a toy for you too!
But it is more hard to answer to them.No, dear.We do not have any toys...You look in their eyes and see how tears comes up.

Did you know that orphans do not celebrate their Birthday in orphanages? Did you know no one do not present to them gifts? Did you know they do not have Birthday cake,candy or any sweets to eat in their special day? Did you think ever they do not have a party with their friends that to celebrate their special day?

We are not able to buy a new gifts.We ask all our friends, folks, no matter who to present toys to orphans.We got a some.Yes, it`s not new toys, some need to fix or wash it that look good.But children are happy very much to get it!
Very often when we just come into a class in orphanages .They start to say who had a Birthday last week.So, they wait any present or toy!

Right now we have just a several toys.Next week we will not have toys to make a present of to children.
Maybe you have at home some old toys what your child do not play or does not like.Maybe you have any toys have forgotten on garret or attic?Please, help orphans to make them happy in their special day!If only it`s old but in good condition.Children happy to get ANY toy or gift!Can you to help in it?...Thank you!

During the lesson we have played games, listened the Bible story about Joseph and his brothers, sang songs and made craft.
Here are our heros of Bible story.They were playing characters of this story.It was fun to them much!They were glad and excited!

Here children dress on Joseph his new nice clothes. There was hidden a Bible verse which they had to find and learn together.
We divided all children to 6 groups, there were about 40 children.Everyone were busy.
A little boy is happy his a new toy 
                                                    Happy his a new gift also
             Children made a craft in the end of the lesson, Joseph is in his new coat of many colors.
This is special girl.It was very hard to catch the interest of something she would like to do.
It is very sad but she has some mental illness. But this time she was interesting to color and even to make a crafts.Praise the Lord! She is defenceless and in same time sweet like kitten .Is  not she adorable!
                                                   Children enjoy their crafts.
We glad we could to see this sweet and adorable kids!We are glad we could  told to them about God again, about His Word. We are glad God gives us opportunity to see them and bring if only a little light to their lives.

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  1. Hello!

    I read this post a few weeks ago and was very touched by the sadness of children who would like to receive a toy of their own. We would like to send you some soft toys- my friends and I will make a collection and post them to you.

    Would small cars also be wanted?

    I will email you to find out more details.

    best regards from Germany

  2. Oh, yes! Children will be happy very much any little toy, car, whatever! When we give them stickers(when we have) they ready to kiss our hands! Children will be glad very much!
    Thank you, Renia! Please, e-mail to


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