March 19, 2011

Please, help to find a family!

In social dormitory where are live orphans which we visit sometimes.A girl Dasha lives there.She graduated a orphanage  about 4 years ago.Now she works. She asked us to help her with tears in eyes.

She look for her family which she lost.Her parents died when she was a small. She has 7 brothers and sisters. One sister is in an orphanage which we visit regularly. Dasha wants to take out her from this orphanage but she does not have a place where to live.

Dasha has 3 sisters and 1 brother which  a family from America adopted. They all were study in orphanage too.After they were adopted Dasha has lost connection with her sisters and brother.

In 2006 one sister of Dasha, her name is Yana came to same orphanage where was study Dasha with a small group of Americans people to help orphans.Yana did not know that Dasha was study in this orphanage. It is a miracle!They met one other there!

But now Dasha lost adress of Yana.She knows she lives in America, she is age of 22.Also in same family live sister Sasha 22-23 years old, Katya 11-12 and brother Vitalick 16-17.They all were adopted by one family.Dasha knows they had moved to live to other city in America.

We know surname of Dasha and her brother and sisters who were adopted.We know surname of her grandmother and her mother.We have their pictures and Dasha`s too.

To those who live in America.Please, can someone help Dasha to find her family?
She is weeping, it hurts her, she does not know where is her sisters and brothers.

Maybe in America is a program on television which helps to find relatives.We have a several programs in Ukraine.It helps to find relatives one other.But Dasha`s sister and brother live in one family in America.

Please, can you help us to say name of a television programs in America or HOW we can help Dasha to find her family? Maybe you have a better idea.Can you advise us how we can help Dasha?
Thank you! God bless you!

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  1. I will see what I can do! Can you give me their surname? You can email me at

  2. Oprah's new network has such a show. Here is the link:

  3. Oh, thank you!Thank you very much!


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