March 7, 2011

A 10 Egypt`s plagues

Last Friday some part of team could to visit orphans and had Bible lesson.The topic of lesson was The 10 Egypt`s plagues.In Bible this story is in Exodus 4-11.

It was very interesting to watch how children listened this story attentively.When Nadya told this Bible story, children helped her also.The class was Egypt. Children placed difference plagues  everywhere.

                            We did origami frogs.It was second plagues.

Masha agreed that Nadya will color her skin of red macules. It was sixth plagues.It was fun much when children have seen it!

During lesson children have played games and made a craft. 
This time we made locust from clothes pins and chenille stems.Children colored clothes pins and add at the top of it a Bible verse,what we printed and what they learned on lesson.
"I, [am] the LORD; and beside me [there is] no saviour." Isaiah 43:11

                                                 Children rejoiced of this craft!

We had very nice time with children!We are thankful to the Lord for each moment to be with them!

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