December 1, 2012

The project, Winter Coats and Boots -Part 2

In last previous post I told you that God is doing something amazing.I`m so and so excited to announce it to you!

You know that our current project with winter coats still proceeds. As our desire to bless 40 orphaned girls with special needs, who can not be adopted and have so many needs.

The things changed a little.But for a good reason!
We renamed a little our current project as Winter Coats and Boots.As these girls have REAL need with winter boots also.

Can you believe that for the month of December, the Ten for Orphans Project and Grace Haven Ministries are partnering together to help us raise funds for winter coats and winter boots for orphans?! Isn`t amazing blessing?

 Ten for Orphans is promoting the fund raiser and Grace Haven is receiving the donations on our behalf as they are a registered 501(c)3 charity in the U.S. and will be able to provide tax deductible receipts for those who donate through them.The button is at the top and on the right side of our blog named as Winter Coats and Boots.
Donations for the project can still be made through our Bible Orphan Ministry blue Chip-In button on the right side of the blog also for anyone who would like that option, or they can be made through Grace Haven Ministries.

Our wish to bless 40 girls with winter coats and boots.Those precious children who received summer shoes on Spring and were SO MUCH impressed that even kissed it! 
We need to raise $2,400 more with God`s help.We have a little $235 from this project in first part.As we will buy these blessings most to older girls.It costs a little more expensive.

We are so thrilling and so grateful to Ten for Orphans and Grace Haven Ministries willing to help us in this current project!It`s awesome blessing for us!God is so good! 

Dear our Jesus-loving Friends, we will be so thankful, if you PLEASE, share this project with everyone.Please, will you help us to spread the word and continue to pray for this project? Please, pray and we would be so grateful for your gift of love to these treasures, who are have a great need in coats and boots.All donations are tax deductible!Grace Haven is able to provide receipt who will donate through them.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH on behalf of these precious children to everyone who IS and who WILL BE  involved in this wonderful project!God bless you!!!

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