December 27, 2012

A little update and the urgent prayer request

Thank you very much for all your prayers and concern about everyone in BOM and all our children, as we call them. :)
The little Edik is at home, he is not at hospital and is doing very well.His loving mother Olechka is healthy finally too.Thank you so much for prayers of both of them!

I`m not healthy yet.I`m still sick but feel much better when I have stopped to take antibiotics.I do not know or it is bad or good...But after changing other kind of antibiotics I felt worst.So, I began herbal treatment and feel much better now.But I need to stay at home in bed, probably week or two.Please, keep pray!Many thanks to all!

Brother Misha does not have bronchitis also, thanks to your prayers and mercy of the Lord Jesus.But he is in VERY BIG trouble right now!We ask you heartily and diligently to pray for him, please.It may affect our local church and orphan`s ministry VERY seriously and for many, many years.As our blog read in different countries I can not say details, as it can bring troubles to private life of brother Misha.Please, pray God help brother Misha, protect him and send necessary means that to solve this trouble.It may takes several months or even the year.Thank you very much for all your love, support, prayers and care!God bless you!!!

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