December 24, 2012

Only a week

Only a week, when TFO and GHM can help us in fundraising project.Only a week to raise blessings to give hope and better future to these poor and abandoned boys with the help of these 2 organizations.We are so thankful to every of you find time to share the link, sending gifts of love, find a time to pray for these precious boys and sent emails to your friends.We are so grateful to everyone of you, who taking part in this desperate current project showing your love and care of needy souls.You are such blessing to these treasures!
We already have $2139.8 from $6000 to hire caretakers!Wow!It is even more than we expected!Jesus is so good!

We will be able to send a copy of bills to those who donated, where money goes, also to send photos of caregivers, who care of children, when they with them on the street, etc.

 Could you, please, to find one more time, time to share the link, pray and donated if you can.All these children need, it is a gift of good care and love in this season of holidays. If you need any more tax deductions for 2012.Donations can be made here, or through the chip-in on our blog.Thank you so much!Every little bit of help is very helpful.Your involvement is treasure for us!God bless you!

P.S. I apologize to those, to whom I did not answer on emails lately.I have a trouble and I work on it.Thank you so much for your patience!

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