December 17, 2012

Caretakers to a mental institution- the new project

Since the $2,400 came in for the winter coats and boots, any other funds this month will go toward a desperate other need.We are so GRATEFUL to every of you, who shared about this project, prayed and donated! The details about coats and boots and all things, I will update when will be able.We are very excited to bless girls by these amazing blessings!

As you already know we are partnering for the month of December with Ten For Orphans and Grace Haven Ministry.As we have 2 more weeks to the end of the month.These wonderful organizations willing to help BOM in other project to meet needs of orphans.We are so thankful!

So, we begin our the next project -"Caretakers for boys in Mental Institution".It is biggest and vital the project ever we had.

Honestly, it is very heavy to find words to write this blog  post seeing these photos.But most heavy it is know and see the need of these precious boys.

Can you imagine your life in this room, without colourful drawings or pictures on a wall, without books, without toys, without having opportunity to go outside? You can see only that behind a window, if you are lucky certainly and your bed closely to a window. Imagine. Round you the same children, which in the same need. But anybody doesn't talk to you, don't hug, don't kiss and never will tell you the warm and tender word. You are helpless even to eat independently, to change clothes. You wash once a week. Anybody doesn't visit you and doesn't spend with you time. Everything that you can see, it only that, that occurs in the room and behind a window. And so each hour, every day, every month and every year... It changes nothing. Life to become routine, grey and simply overwhelming and unsufferable.You feel lonely and unloved...

But these precious boys so live for months and years... 

Do you see such sad face of this sweet boy? There absolutely is no hope...
I believe, if someone at least took him outside on hands that to inhale fresh air, to hear tweet of the birds, different sounds, a voice of a dog or children's laughter, his face would change absolutely and there would be a smile and hope...But he is unlucky.He does not have some one, who could bring this joy to his life.
Can you believe this tiny boy B. is 20 years old?Yes, it is heartbreaking and unbelievable... :(
Some time ago I casually found this photo and was simply shocked, when saw that some years ago that he could go, independently to eat and be in the main group of boys.
But today he can't walk any more... His feet without having a muscle can't hold his tiny and thin body. Therefore he is in group of the most severe special needs children, spends days and years in his crib, having turned in or having crossed under himself tiny feet.

Children lying on a floor waiting for the help, can lie so while someone won't lift them up and can't of. And if there is nobody to help, can lie for hours.

The boy in a wheelchair always looks the expecting.When you only will touch his pure face or you will start tickling lightly or even it is simple to talk.His face lights up with the sweetest, most joyous smile shining out in the darkness.

Because of a not dearth of workers, children don't receive due attention and as a result simply die...There only 2 employers on 20 children.Trust me, that work there is very heavy. They simply don't manage and aren't in time. They need to feed children, to wash after them the dishes, to sit down on a potty or to change diapers, to wash the floor in their rooms and make their bed. While they do this work, already came again to feed time children. Then the nep time and etc. etc... Thus children don't go out on the street. Each time we come and each time of the caretakers working there complain with the afflicted hearts. "Oh, if we had more workers, everything would be on another!" We saw more than once as the workers hard work, what though somehow to care of children. We aren't able to help with many needs.But something we can do with your help!And it is vital need, dear Friends!

Our wish and prayer will hire a 2 caretakers full time to work, where the children with the most severe special needs live. The caregivers will have the responsibility to ensure that the children are properly fed and that all medical needs are addressed and they well care of boys.

We spoke with the director of the Institution. There are a lot of needs and he does everything possible to improve life of these poor and abandoned children. But the greatest need for today, it is a lack of "working hands". Our desire to employ more caretakers. But let's begin with two of them!

Director let us know it will cost $6000 to hire 2 caretakers for a year.It is large amount for us but the need is HUGE!Personnel to work in the institution to be “extra hands” to hold the children, meet their basic needs and also interact with them to help their development. Their presence in the institution and the attention that they give the children is LIFE CHANGING for the children that they work with.Children DIE from lack of care!!!

We have only 14 days to raise $6000.We do not know or can do it...But how much we will raise it will be VERY helpful!Your little gift can make a big difference in lives of these poor children.Our thoughts turn to prayer that God would open up  hearts and help these children to give a hope and life.We’re praying for a miracle.  We’re praying for the mighty army of the church of God to do life changing for these tiny and sweet boys.
 If God`s will Institution can hire caretakers in the month of January.But it depends how the Lord will provide...

Would you please consider an act of love on behalf of these precious children?Can you help to have the chance in the future to have better life?
 All donations are tax deductible and can be made through the button is above on the right side of the blog "Caretakers for boys in institution".Or can be made on the site of the Ten for Orphans.Or through the red chip-in on the right side of the blog.
Even if you have never advocated for orphans before, could you find it in your heart to share this post wherever you can?  Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, by email and your blog and ask others to help pass it on.Thank you VERY much to find a time that read and share this post!Your involvement is so important for us!God bless you!!!


  1. Oh Alla! I have no words, NO WORDS! We will spread the word, pray and help in any way that we can. I pray the Lord will send much help and quickly! Peace be with you, dear sister.
    P.s. We are thankful to God in answering prayers for your healing. How is Misha doing?

    1. Many thanks and hugs for ALL your prayers and help!
      I`m not well again. :(
      Misha is healthy, praise the Lord!But he has a BIG trouble in his personal life...He needs a LOT of prayers!


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