December 14, 2012

Good and not good news

"Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed..." Jeremiah17:14(a) This is my prayer request to my Lord and Saviour for everyone, who are sick at these days.

I would love to thank you everyone for your many prayers, sweet comments, lovely emails, encouragements and much and much more.Your Christian love melts my heart.Several precious families even donated and helped with medications not knowing that I needed it.It brought tears to my eyes...Jesus is so good!THANK YOU, everyone for your wonderful support!

I very much don't want to disappoint and grieve you.But I visited a doctor this week and I still have pneumonia...It didn`t gone yet. :( I still have some symptoms. But I glorify God that I have no fever! Only that me disquiets that more than five days, pain appeared at the left. Before it wasn't. I have inflammation only of the right lung. I hope it not terribly and will leave soon. There are days when I feel much better. And there are days when it is very bad. Already the fourth week went as I am ill... I start being tired a little of this condition already.It is so long... I only ask that the Lord allowed to recover quicker and give forces that to return to children.
I have very weak immune system. Accepting antibiotics it kills even more. Can therefore is so long?So, keep pray, please!

And not good news... Brother Misha fell ill with bronchitis also. Please, pray for him also! That the Lord stored from any consequences, as I have pneumonia after bronchitis. And anything.That Lord Jesus will be mercy.
Please, pray Oksana and Nadya other members of BOM will not be sick, God would protect and safekeep them.Thank you!

Good news.Little Edik feels much better.Praise the Lord!If everything will be well, he should to be at home on Monday.Thank you so much, to every single of you, for your prayers!
But not good news.The Olechka, his mother got sick too.Oh, so sad.Edick again can be sick.So, please, pray for Olya, for her health.She still breastfeed of precious Edick.That is not good she is ill. :(
Thank you very much for all your prayers!


  1. Oh dear, Alla-

    I am so sorry to learn of all this sickness! I hope everyone will rest, keep warm, drink lots of hot tea, take their medicines, and get well soon! I cam glad little Edik is better, and hope his mother will also recover quickly.

    Both flu and pneumonia vaccines are available in the USA - are they also available in Ukraine?? If so, I hope that after you are completely well, you will ask your doctor about getting the shots. I just got my flu shot yesterday, as many people in my area have flu alread, so I hope it will help keep me well.

    Hope you feel better soon - don't try to do too much until you are completely over this.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. (((Hugs))))

    We are praying for everyone's health and healing. Much love to you all!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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