November 27, 2012

Winter coats for orphans-update

First of all I would love to thank you all for prayers!God is so good!I feel much better.I need, probably several more days to recover completely but I`m rejoice that the worse is behind.But anyway I`m going to see a doctor in several days.I lost my voice and my health is not well lately.
Thank you so very much for all your concern, comments, e-mails!It`s so sweet, lovely and is great encouragement in heavy days.Thank you, dear friends!

So, finally I am able to share with you about amazing and such wonderful blessing we have!We are so exciting and praise God for His goodness and mercy!

A month ago we began our new project Bless Orphans with the Winter coats. Our desire and a prayer consisted in that, that to help 60 girls with special needs with winter coats. Because their clothes were worn-out and became unfit for use. With God's help we raised $1280 it certainly much less than it was necessary. But we rejoiced also to these donations and the Lord gives us the peace in hearts concerning this question. There were no discouragement or disappointments. Certainly, for us as people, always would like to make everything quicker and during planned time. But not so in Lord Jesus. He knows the best time, a place etc. In all that we can only trust to Him.

As the cold season came already and it was necessary to hurry up. Therefore we decided not to wait and bless 20 orphans with what we had.When we called in a institution that to specify the sizes of coats. "Oh, it would be so great, if you could help us and with footwear also. We absolutely don't know in what to put shoes on children and where to take it!"  members of BOM heard it on other part of telephone conversation. So, on raised money we decided to buy 20 coats and 20 winter boots to the same children.

Last week we traveled to other city that to buy at wholesale price of coats and footwear, that to save money. That was this day when we very much froze. Thus we could buy 20 winter and warm coats and also warm and easy 20 boots. They are fine for children with special needs. As they aren't able to lace up laces and often break zippers on footwear. These boots just excellent choice for them! So we spent $1045 for everything, and $235 still remained that to bless other orphans. Praise the Lord!

I know!I know and I know that many of you wait for these pictures.So, here are several of them. :)

 I need to check, what is there? :)

 Our treasures are in beautiful blessings
 You can only imagine their delight, joy, admiration and happiness. They all were so thrilled to get these new beautiful blessings!!!"Wow!Look at me!" "Wow!It is beautiful!" "I have new coat!" and you could hear many similar. :)

When we were going to go to the following group. One kid asked. "How about hats? will we have hats?" :)))

The next our loving souls.

 I love her smile!
 It is where they store crafts made with us, the tower of Babel. On walls there is nothing therefore that somehow to embellish white walls, children decided to attach crafts.


Dear our friends, we would love to thank you from bottom of our hearts to be part of this project, Bless Orphans with Winter coats.Without your gifts of love, without your donations, without your generosity, these precious children would not receive this amazing blessing and would be feel cold, feel uncared and unloved.Thank you very much for all your efforts, care and love of these dear souls.Thank you that you do not forget about them and pray and make a difference in lives of these orphans!We so rejoice and amazed how God provided!Thank you so very much for your involvement and to be such amazing blessing in life of these dear ones!

I would like to add that this project did not finish yet.It was our first part of this project.Our desire is to bless 40 more orphaned girls in other mental institution.The situation changed a little bit (for a good cause) and I will let you know everything about it, when we will be ready.God is doing something amazing. :)


  1. So glad you're feeling better. The girls look so happy to have their warm new coats and boots! I have two more boxes of winter tops (not coats or jackets) and other things to send you soon - will let you know when they are mailed.

    My cat is sitting on my lap and wants to type! So any mistakes are his...

    Susan (and Charlie-Cat) in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Oh, thank you!Thank you, Susan!You are such blessing!

      It made me smile reading about your cat.I have cat also, who likes to help me "work" on computer. :)))

  2. What cheerful sweet faces!! :) So glad to hear you all got such a good deal on the coats and boots. And very happy to hear you are feeling better.

    Blessings to All!

    1. Thank you, Aliska!God is so good!Girls thrilled to receive new coats and boots.
      Blessings to you too!

  3. I am happy to see how the girls are happy. Let us know when you are doing Part 2!

    1. Thank you!Yes, I`m going to do it very soon. :)

  4. i feel happy to see the smiles on the girls faces. They have got the new coats.i


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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