April 6, 2012

Girls in mental institution received a gift!

Ok.Dear and faithful readers. We have sooooo many to share with you. I at all even don't know from what to start, that nothing to miss and not to forget as a lot of events lately happens here. Simply the head is swimming. But we are VERY excited, inspired and blessed by these events!

Three days in a row we visited orphanages.I will tell you later about these journeys also.Tomorrow we are going to a next orphanage. :)

Here I would love to share with you about HUGE blessing which was received by girls with special needs in mental institution and what a great time we had with them!
At the beginning as always, we had a program with them.It was wonderful time!

Puppet show.They LOVE it!

Object lesson with phone.They never have seen a phone before and could not tell what is it.We explain to them  and showed how to use the phone.They were interesting to check it out and gave a touch.

Nadya told a Bible story about Hannah and Samuel by very simple way.

After that we played a game "Feed of Samuel".
We learned and saw that girls don't know what such is a children's small bottle and what with it to do. We explained of. But here they learned to show where the kid has a mouth on the picture. Also that exactly there it is necessary to paste a feeding-bottle.

The first girl (on video) was very sweet and loveful. She huged the whole day and kissed us showing the love and gladness to us. She was so glad by our presence there. This girl with such open and kind heart to give her love and receive from a person.It simple is heartbreaking that parents left this sweet girl in this terrible place...

 The second girl very much liked to receive stickers. :)

There is other lovely creature.She so precious and cute!This little angel is very active and smart!She wanted to paste more feeding-bottles but we explain to her that not just you but other children would like to play too.She is so funny!  :)))

Girls love to touch or take a hand.It`s not surprise.In fact they do not have mommy or daddy who would give them hugs...So heartbreaking...

After Bible time we could provide them new summer footwear!Yeahhhhh!Finally these God`s precious treasures could to receive amazing blessing!

If you remember here I shared with you that somewhere on Spring we were going to bless girls by this wonderful gift.I can't send by words and describe you HOW girls were glad to receive this gift! How they were happy and sooooo much impressed!!! WOW!

It warmed our hearts and brought so very much blessings!We were impressed by their joy and happiness.
Look at this precious smile!

They couldn't believe that it is for them and several times asked again or this gift belongs to them. :)

We signed each pair of shoes by girl`s surnames that employees of the orphanage wouldn't be confused and would be help for them.

Girls were soooo happy that they even kissed shoes!

This sweet girl wanted to make pictures with everyone.

Shoes to other group of girls.

Shoes to other group, older girls.

The video will show you more

The check according to the list or all girls received footwear.

 Not all children received footwear because the sizes didn't correspond because employees of orphanage probably forgot about the smallest or gave not the correct sizes. But in any case, the Lord loves and cares of orphans! Doesn`t He? He blessed us with a donation for footwear to children.

 Yesterday we visited an one orphanage and on the way could visit this mental institution again, have communication with children a little and provide this footwear.

When girls saw us, they started to run to meeting to huge and kiss. It was so lovely. They asked. Will you come tomorrow?

Oh, poor kid.She was sick yesterday. :(

 But look at this precious smile after receiving the gift!Isn`t she sweet?

Thanks a lot to all who prayed and prays for that we could provide footwear to orphaned children. Thanks to all for your donations and sending of footwear. Thank for your great love, gentle care and kindness. Thanks a lot to all, make smiling these kids and bringing joy and hope to them!We are rejoicing and praise the Lord!!! Thank you making them such happy!!!

But our hearts are still broken to looking at their winter boot and coat.It is worn out very much and are in awful condition.

How this precious child can wear such awful footwear??? It hurts and many inconveniences!Oh, it`s terrible.

We pray that the next autumn we could bless them with winter footwear and outer clothing, jackets or a coats.

If the Lord gives you desire. Please, send outer clothing and footwear. As it is BIG need in all orphanages and mental institutions.Thank you for your wonderful care and Christ love!


  1. That's wonderful! I heard back from a couple of the shoe companies that I asked donations from. They all need a tax ID number of a non-profit organization in order to donate. I emailed the church in the U.S. that your ministry works with and haven't heard back. Do you have any suggestions? You can email me: mefick@gmail.com

    1. Oh, Thank you, dear friend!That is awesome!Yes, I have a suggestion.I will e-mail you.


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