December 17, 2012

The 8 boxes already arrived!

AWESOME!Awesome and amazing blessing we received!We are so happy!In some previous blog post I told you that we expect 12 packages to orphans from different wonderful people.The 8 of boxes already arrived!
 In these big boxes are so many beautiful and wonderful blessings!I`m so excited to show you what we have!

Food to orphaned children and so many candies.I have several ideas how to share it with kids.We will see how is better. :)
So many beautiful different items to Valya and her little Timothy.Awesome!We are so happy for them!
A lot of beautiful goodies to Sasha, Olya and their precious Edik.Amazing!What a great joy!
Many clothes, puzzles, games, over 70 tooth brushes.
Hundreds socks and many, many hats.Wow!
And even many different goodies to BOM staff.It is so nice and sweet! :)
You can see answer on your prayers how God greatly cares of needy orphans. :) Jesus is soooooo good!
We are so and so and so grateful to brother Kevin, who made this possible and for his generousity!We so excited and so enjoy by so many beautiful, wonderful and amazing God`s blessings!We are so thankful to Jesus for His astonishing love and goodness.
This is HUGE blessing!Thank you so very much for all your kind hearts and love to Ukrainian orphaned children!God bless you!


  1. Hi Alla!

    I sent you an email last week. I know you have been busy. I'd also like to send some stuff, but I don't know what address you would like it sent to. When you get some time, could you email me back? Thank You dear sweet Alla!

    Ashley in Colorado

    1. Ashley, I`m so sorry.I simply was not able to reply to you.I will do it as soon as possible.Thank you so much for your desire to help!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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