February 20, 2012

Snow, ice and frozen sea in Ukraine

Below are several pictures and video of Ukrainian winter at this year.In the beginning when it`s snowing, everything is very nice and white.Everything is SO beautiful and perfect!!!

When we go somewhere and I see everything just white.It remind me that we have to have so pure and perfect hearts before Lord Jesus.And it reminds me what Bible says about snow. When I see some step or something that make dirty snow, it reminds me about sins.Than more dirtier white snow, then more sins in our hearts.In the beginning when you make first step on snow, you afraid to blemish the beautiful picture.You afraid to break God`s amazing creation.Because everything is just perfect! But when snow is so much dirty, you just walk and do not pay attention, because everywhere is dirty.
Same is in heart.When you do a sin, one, second,.. you tremble before the Lord and ask Him about forgiveness.But when we tired to fight with a sin, you do not have a strength, you feel weak yourself, bitterness, pain, soreness etc.You stop to ask Him about forgiveness and began to live as everyone  in this world,  not paying attention what is in your heart.Because everyone does it...
But it`s so horrible and dangerous!When you have emptiness in your heart, you do not feel joy and happiness, you do not have faith and peace.

But Jesus says in Bible He has the way!
"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah1:18)

Isn`t amazing!It`s such a joy, a blessing and happiness to have pure heart.When you live and are not afraid of future, you are free and do not have a burden of a sin in your heart.Can be something better than peace, faith and joy in heart?Can be something better when you are free? It`s such a blessing we have Jesus Christ who forgives every our sin and make our hearts white and pure as snow!Isn`t a blessing for all of us? :)

Below are pictures of winter.Can you believe that the sea frozen?For those who do not know that the south of Ukraine washes the Black sea.Frosts were so strong that sea frozen far away.It`s unusual for Ukraine and first time for 30 years!

Is not it  look as on northern pole? :)

  Roads in some regions of Ukraine.        

Next pictures are after storm of Black sea on the next day, in warmest place of Ukraine.To be exactly  in Crimea, Yalta

We would love to thank you for all your prayers about weather in Ukraine!We are so excited that it became warmer.We very hope it was last such cold days we had this winter.One man who lived very close to North in Russia, he has moved to Ukraine recently.He said they had about -40`C and it  was easier to suffer than ukrainian frosts -20`C. We even when have 0`C it`s still cold.It`s because the air is humid but not dry.

Orphans felt cold very much in orphanages during these terrible days.We visited orphans several days ago.They had let us know that have a lessons in basement.There are warmer than in their classes where they have lessons. Also when they wake up in the morning, they do not want to get up because in their bedrooms is so cold.It`s just breaks our hearts.

Several kids are at hospital with high fever.Administration of orphanages are very afraid that can be epidemic of flu.The snow began to melt.Children do not have a footwear change.A one vice-principal shared with us her worries.When older boys cleansed territory of orphanage from snow, later their feet and shoes were wet.They had not other shoes to change and became sick.They have only ONE pair of shoes.But what to do if it is became wet???It`s so heartbreaking and overwhelming...

 Oh, Dear Lord, please, help in needs our dear and beloved ones.Please, help orphans in their biggest need with shoes...

We ask you.Please, pray God will provide shoes for orphans.It`s the BIGGEST need in ALL orphanages.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 I have so many to share with you.I hope to do it very soon.Hugs to all and love. :)


  1. Alla, Thank you for your beautiful words...SO encouraging!! Those pictures are incredible! Lord, move our hearts to help with shoes for Your little ones feet. Help us to love in action.
    We love you all!

    1. Really?!What a miracle!We are SO exciting God steers hearts to help orphans in their needs.It will be great blessing for them.Thank you!God bless you!What a joy!


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