February 19, 2011

It is a blessing to see them again!

How is amazing our the Lord Jesus! God blessed and we were able to see orphans in N. B. orphanage. We had amazing time!
In the beginning we congratulated girls with Birthdays.

 How they were happy when they have got Birthdays gifts!One girl said:" I will remember you forever." They all time wait we will present them any gifts or toys.Their eyes shine and they smile.
Nobody congratulate them with Birthday.You know how is important day of Birthday for any child.

This time we talked about Abraham, God`s promises to him and about his son Isaac.
They liked to help us say to them Bible story together with us.They placed stars on flannel and did try to count grains of sand as like Lord promised to Abraham to bless him.

 We explained to them we can count stars on flannel.But the stars that are on the heaven we can not account.Also as like we can not count the grains of sand the Lord promised to bless Abraham.
As these girls have special needs, mental affection, we hope it will help them remember better this story.

Especially girls liked to play a game to swaddle the child. We did not have dolls so, we took a puppets and used it.Any way they were glad much to play it.We have found they do know even how to play with dolls! It is surprise and is not surprise in same time. They all never had a doll! They do not know how to play with it! We are sure younger girls would like to have dolls.We are not able to present to them it.Can you please, help in it?
 If they are happy to get a one little candy can you imagine how they would be happy to get a doll?

We have played some more difference games.Also in the end of lesson we have made crafts. All children love it very much!

We were surprised much at this time.A one girl she did not understand how to use a color pencil.We showed to her how to color, how to use and etc.She all time take it to mouth and bite it or eat it.We said and showed her: "no, no, you can not do it"! We showed her again and again how to use a pencil.But she start to eat it again.We thought it was no sense. It is need time to teach and train her maybe every day.We had not much time to be with her because other 44 kids wait for you.Our team is small. We need someone to help with kids all time!

But this time when we gave her a pencil she start to color! WOW! Amazing! We never thought she will color when ever! Yes, it is just lines and something obscurity.But she colored! She was glad of it!

Also in the beginning of Bible lesson when we just came into the class she was smiling.We understood she recognised us.Because before she did not pay attention.She understand very well when she need stand up, go to eat, she listen her name and similar things.But she does not speak!Oh, poor girl! So, she can not say how she feels, what she would like,she is happy or sad.You can just read her eyes.
We were glad to see she has start to color.Hope she will remember it and learn more things. 

We were blessed to see children again! We praise the Lord for one more opportunity to see these special orphans and bring to them if only a little beam of light to their life!

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