February 28, 2011

A story about Moses to orphans

The next day Friday we were able to visit younger orphans in an orphanage. We had nice time with children! 
In this day we could  told to them a Bible story about Moses. Exodus 1-2:1-10.We told to them God can protect them from evil like He saved Moses in river.During lesson children could to play some games, learn Bible verse, listen Bible story and have made a craft.
Here boys played a game.Who first will win to drink milk. After we told to them Bible story about small  baby, how God saved him by miracle method.
After Bible story children played a game.We called it "Which princess first will find Moses".A mother of Moses have hidden doll Moses.Princesses have to find him. Every girl dreams to be a princess.They enjot it in this moment!
 Here children had to unriddle a rebus that to learn a Bible verse "The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul." Psalms 121:7 
We divided them to small groups.Each one was busy.
Children loved much this game! We divided class to 2 groups.They lifted up their hands and had to pass to each one a basket with baby Moses in their team.Their hands it was a river. They enjoyed much when their team had win!
Here is a short video.

                            Children made a craft baby Moses is in basket.

We had very nice time with kids! We are thankful to the Lord for each moment to be with them!

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