February 21, 2011

The meeting with orphans

This Saturday we all team were able to visit orphans in an orphanage. We had a blessed time with children!
Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with elder children age 12-16.They told them a Bible story about 4 friends who brought their sick friend to Jesus Christ. Mark 2:1-5 . Sasha taught and explained to children about friends.Which friend has to be, how to find a good friend, how to spend a time with him and etc. After that children have read this story in Bible.And in the end of meeting they had fun time, played games . We hope orphans will remember this lesson and that will help them to find good friends in their life.

In this time second part of team Nadya, Oksana and Alla had meeting with younger children age 6-11. The topic of lesson was falsehood.That falsehood is sin before God.
In the beginning we congratulated a one girl with past Birthday. The girl was happy to got a Birthday toy.

                                           Happy Valya with toy.She is sweet girl.

Before we told them Bible story we showed to children a little puppet show. About small mouse. How it was temptation for it to eat cheese in mousetrap. We explained to children sometimes is temptation to say a falsehood to any person, it is a sin before God.It was funny much when mousetrap did not snap into action in time.  :))) The children were laughing much!They loved this small mouse!Here a short video


Children loved this little puppet show! Hope they will remember about this mouse how it mousetrap did springe it.How often an any sin catch a person.

After we have learn a new song, listen Bible story about Jacob, played games and in the end of lesson children made craft.

This time children made craft camel with clothes peg.They love it much! It was good attempt for children to know how to use clothes pegs. Many of them did not know how to use it.
Some children could not believe that the clothes pegs it is forever to them and after they can use it how they want. They were enjoying it so much! They were so glad of it! Children have asked us several times.Is these clothes pegs for me forever? Some children asked us several more clothes pegs. We did not have any more. And we said so, sorry, we gave all what we had.

We had full class about 40 children. We did not have a place enough to sit and color that make craft. So, each one were sitting where found a place, even on the floor.

                                           Oksana helped children to make craft.


                                                           Kids with camels

We were glad to see these adorable and gorgeous kids again! We are glad we able to visit 3th in succession 3 orphanages during few days where we could to see children, spent time and brought a little joy in their life.:)

 "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world." James 1:27

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