February 11, 2011

Is not our Lord surprising?

Thank you every one for prayers!Our lord Jesus Christ is great, good, amazing, wonderful, surprising, lovely, merciful and alive God!Oh, how is good God to all of us sinners!Today God showed us His mercy to us.We had amazing and such blessed trip to orphanage in Pugachovka!

There are  girls age 5-26(almost 30) who have Down`s syndrome live there.
These are poor and abandoned children who do not see their mommy and daddy.Most of them never have seen their parents.In this place children grow and live who do not have protection, love and understanding.

We had a wonderful time with kids!In the beginning we were in one room.We sang a song with kids with acts, have told to them Bible story about Birth of Jesus Christ.Also we had a puppet show.Oh how they enjoy it very much!

When children saw us they were so exciting that we could not becalm them in the beginning our meeting.After they were fine. They did hug us, kissed, asked  to stroke of their head.They are so precious!
Also we had an opportunity to sing psalms to employers of orphanage and preach the Gospel.It is amazing opportunity to do it until they care and watch of children! God blessed and employers listened attentively until Sasha preached.Michael our director could to winess to several employers of orphanage also.

 When we had finish the meeting in one room.Director let us take some children to another room where they could to color pictures and play games with us.Oh, how they were happy!!! They like to play with balls and difference games.We have try to play with everyone and that they feel themselves needy and that we love all of them.We had much fun and nice time with children!

During time what we have been with them they often called us  "mama" (mother or mammy on ukrainian) . The Michael our director they called papa(father or dad).How is sweet!

It was our first trip experiment  what we changed. Our program  was that spend more time with kids and change ways that make them happy and needy to someone in this world.

     Another blessing what we have.Director of orphanage let us to come more often and spend time with these kids.We are sooo happy! It is amazing blessing!
    But this orphanage is the most far away orphanages what we visit. It is means a trip to this orphanage is expensive most of all. We are not able to visit these kids often as we would like. Please, can you help us to visit children more often and bring if only a little light in their life to make them happy? Smallest amount what we need $65 for 1 trip. It is enough just for petrol as this orphanage far away and for a candy to children (one candy per child).

Another blessing what we have.God has blessed and we were able to help a little this orphanage in needs. We could to buy chemical stuff and diapers what children need often.
Also administration of orphanage asked us to help children with hats, summer shoes and winter boots.Also they need coats and jackets.

Really we had worry a little about this trip.We did not know what will happen, how children will react, or let us director come more often.God is amazing! He blessed us more than we expected!We are sooo glad!

Enjoy some pictures

Puppet show

                                                                 Bible story

                                                            Song with acts

                                                              Sweets to children

                                             Sasha preached the Gospel to caretakers.

 Sisters(Lyuba and Oksana) pass out Christian literature to emloyers of orphanage
                                                   Happy to see each other

                                                                 Sweet hugs

                                             The time to paint on in another room

                                                Just fun time with children

                                                   They need love also

 Shoes what wear children(in winter it is real cold).Can you please, help to buy for children new boots?

                                                 Our little blessing to orphanage

We have many blessings today!We are soo happy we could to visit orphans and to see their adorable faces and sweet smiles! Also we are happy we have permitting to visit them more often! We do not have support enough.But our Lord is rich and has enough to bless and provide how much we need.We believe and have piece in our hearts that God will provide and bless in His time!

Bible says: "Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut [the womb]? saith thy God." Isaiah 66:9 

We believe when God began to bless in this orphanage He also will continue to bless in future!

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As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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