February 19, 2011

The next day we could to see other orphans

The next day, it was Friday we were able to see orphans in K. orphanage. The Lord Jesus is merciful to us and He blessed this trip also!
This time we have told the Bible story about Joseph and about forgiveness.How he forgave his brothers for evil they did for him.
In the beginning our Bible lesson we congratulated a girl who had Birthday.It is our law congratulate kids with Birthday in the beginning.
                                             Alina was happy to have got a toy!
Nadya has told about seeds our hearts.She showed difference seeds of fruits to children and she explained to them.That we must to have a good seeds in our hearts.If we would  have a bad seeds, it will grow not good fruits on trees of our heart.It is like falsehood, not forgiveness, theft, laziness and etc.But most of all Nadya was telling about not forgiveness.We must to have soft heart which can make it just Jesus Christ.
We wanted to buy fruits for children to eat and find there seeds.It would help them better to remember about seeds of our hearts.And also they love very much any sweets or fruits! But we were not able to buy fruits for children and decided to use seeds what we have found.

 After Bible lesson children played difference games.They had to unriddle a crossword.

                         Also they had to find words, names of hero in Bible story.
                                                                Other game.

Also we have learn with children a Bible verse  "...forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you". Ephesians 4:32

As all time in the end of lesson children have made a crafts.They love it very much!We try to placed a Bible verse on craft all time.It helps them remember it during some time.Also they enjoy to do something their hands.

These crafts we made with children last Friday.They decided to paste it and leave on the wall.Children love very much to make crafts.But it is problem for us with color pencils or crayons, paints and other difference craft items what children can use.Please, can you help us to help children continue enjoy of it? We are not able.We need your help...
Also we need any toys to children for their Birthday.Please, can you help orphans to be happy in their special day?They wait gifts all time!

We were glad to see these children again!It is a blessing to see them, bring to them if only a little gladness to their life, make their life more bright and iridescent like rainbow, help them find Jesus Who can make them full happy!

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