March 30, 2013

Blessed day

I would like to share with you, what a blessed day we had recently!

At this day we were able to visit orphaned kids and had Bible time with beloved teenagers in one of orphanages.The younger kiddies thought we came to have Bible class as we have weekly.They were upset to hear we came to older children.

Having presented to them our smiles and hugs we went to a hall to prepare to meeting.Do you think they left us?No! They took our bags, all our baggage and helped to carry.Such lovely!

It was sadly a little that many older children could not be with us because of sickness.But we had such awesome time with the rest ones!The special blessing was for us that several adult teachers were with us on meeting and could hear the Gospel. Wonderful!In the end of the meeting some of them even approached to us, huged and thanked. Such sweet surprise! :)

We sang songs with teenagers

The topic of the meeting was Choice.I and brother Misha played roles of Devil and God. Satan made proposal and said everything what God said. Children did not know, who was Devil and who was God. They had to guess and do choice, whom to follow.It was not easy! "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light". 

Then we suggested to play a small game. We distributed to children of chocolate candies and suggested to eat. Then we distributed same candies in same wrapper but from another box and suggested to eat again.

When they took their candies, they began to laughed so very much and cried out. "You cheat and make fools of us!" "What is wrong", we asked.
We took out the real candies and put there garbage. And certainly children couldn't eat it. :)

The example was successful!  Teens loved it very much it! Then Nadia summed up and explained that thus the devil offers same, in the same wrapper, only the inside other and is deceptive. People are often deceived accepting acts of Satan as acts of the Lord. Devil sly fellow and big deceiver. He often comes as an angel of light.

That to learn actions and strategy of our enemy. We studied the Scripture. Children found and read Bible verses.

 That the Satan offers only that brings pleasure for a flesh and is temporarily. And God offers what is important for soul and forever.

We placed these verses in 2 columns. From one party there were verses that spoke about actions of a fallen angel. From other party, action of our Almighty God.

Then jettons of 2 different colors were distributed to teens, each of them symbolized a devil or the Creator. Choosing color of a jetton, children chose, they want to follow God or Satan and then placed it in a hat.
In the beginning we did same. Children had to vote or choose whom they follow. Follow those beliefs that brother Misha spoke or that I spoke. As it was difficult to define who is who. Who played a role of the Creator and who played a role of the deceiver. After we studied some places of the Scripture. Children found out, who there is who.In same time it was fun!We were very excited!

At the end of the meeting we had sweets.Precious souls loved it!

The meeting was so awesome and blessed!We had great time with teens!

 Having learned that some children were ill and are in hospital. We also visited them not leaving behind and without attention and brought some fruits.

Tanechka, the sweet girl was so excited by visitors and little gift. After all, no one visit them while they are at hospital.

Even we came back home late and tired, exhausted. Our hearts were filled with pure joy and a praise to God! Our joy wasn't the end how miraculously Jesus Christ blessed our day!He is so good! ;)


  1. Beautiful to read about your visits and lessons and treats to the children. Thank you for blessed my heart to read it.

    Love to you!

    1. I`m happy to know, it blessed your heart.Love you much!

  2. "You cheat and make fools of us!" "What is wrong", we asked.
    We took out the real candies and put there garbage. And certainly children couldn't eat it. :)

    LOVE IT, Was a great idea to teach the children.

    1. Your comment made me smile. Because children and we laughed very much at it.I think they loved this moment most of all this day. ;)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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