February 5, 2013

Vova after surgery

What an awesome God we serve!We thank sincerely all of you, who opened your hearts and answered to the call of God to care of the orphaned children!What a great joy!

Just for several hours we raised $605 to help Vova! And plus $175 we had. Total is $780. It`s even more than enough for the surgery! Praise God! But the rest of the funds we will spend to help Vova with his teeth.What an amazing blessing for Vova!We are so happy for him!
Thank you!Thank you so much for your support and help!

Well.Vova had the surgery today. It seems that everything is well for now.We had not possibility to see his doctor.But we had possibility to visit this sweet guy.He slept more than 5 hours after general anesthesia.When we  came to visit him, he still looked sleepy but could to speak a bit.He looked so tired.Poor guy.
 We were told he will spend not smaller than a week in hospital and probably just in 2 weeks he will feel better.

Please, keep pray for his quick recovery and his good health and spirit as well.I will update, when we have any news.

Many, many thanks!What a blessing you are to the orphaned children!We really appreciate the assistance.God bless you!

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