February 18, 2013

Beautiful gifts to hundreds children

I`m very excited to share with you an awesome blessing we have!

Some time ago, we received some boxes of beautiful different items to orphans.So, we packed it in plastic bags to deliver to orphans and that each child would receive a beautiful blessing from the Lord Jesus.
There are hats, socks, gloves, toothbrushes, candies. Also  a nice organization Life2Orphans blessed BOM by donations and we were able to buy more sweets and chocolates to add there.Thank you so much!

Gifts looked beautiful and we loved it!

Over 330 packages were ready!Wow!

Having prepared the special program, we went to visit sweet kiddies.Three days in a row we went to orphanages sharing with children the Gospel and God's love, giving hugs and our love. We told them an amazing story about Jesus Christ's wonderful birth. Time with all children was simply awesome!We had so much fun, hugs, kisses, joy and more than 1000 pictures! :)))

Except roads. Roads came to an awful condition after this winter. Because of hard frosts and ice, asphalt cracked and roads in places are simply awful. All drivers are very upset. As after each trip repair of the car can cost at least $100.
Here are only a little part.

Thanks to God, our trips are safety!

When we only arrived to the first orphanage for typical kids, many lovely helpers appeared. Children are always very glad to guests!

The hall was full precious souls.

Nadia carried out a bright example. As it seems that plastic bag or the balloon is full of water can't remain whole after to pierce it through a pencil. So impossible can become possible! God descended on the earth having left glory of the Heavens and in an image of the person was born wonderfully.
Children loved this example and tried to do the same! :)

Throughout a meeting we sang with children about Jesus birth.

After Bible history and studying of the Bible verse, children played one remarkable game. Chose some children, who made 2 teams. They had to put on speed puzzles, the picture of Jesus birth, where also was the studied verse. It was very amusing to observe!

After having fun, children received wonderful gifts.

The time spent with kids was so awesome and so blessed!In the end we had lovely helpers again.Isn`t sweet?

Hmm... Did I mention ever that I have been in this orphanage many years ago? :) The first one, when I got  to the orphanage first time... So, this orphanage is special in some way for me.

The big dining room.I remember very well my place, where to sit each time when we had time to eat. :)
There are nothing changed.Everything is absolutely same.

The second part of dining room

The four little clothes cabinet. It seems that children don't use them. Why? I don't know. It is possible because there is nothing to keep?
When I was a teen, it was my prayer place. Because there was heavy to find a place to pray and to be alone with God. But in other orphanage, not here. :)

My prayer is about these sweet kiddies Jesus changed their hearts and lives as my some time ago. Our hope is in God, sharing God`s word and what Jesus Christ can do in their lives. Our prayers and faith - that seeds of His word will fall to the kind soil of their children's hearts and will bear a fruit once...

Next day we had possibility to visit orphanage with our sweet boys with special needs.We had the same program and everything was just perfect! God is so good!
And boys received beautiful gifts as well!You have to see their joy! :)

Also BOM blessed boys by box of different puzzles. If you have possibility to sent it here.Please, do! Caretakers very often ask us for puzzles or any type of games for these boys.It would be so awesome blessing for them!Thanks.

After, in 3rd day we had possibility to visit other our treasures.
Puppet show to smallest ones.We can hear only their laugh :)

Nadya told the Bible story
The game again

And in the end wonderful gifts

Also we could to bless of sweet girls by 25 pair of absolutely new sneakers.

Awesome blessing! :)

Thank you so very much from bottom of our hearts to everyone who took part to bless these precious souls, caring of their needs and bring so much delight and pure joy in their lives! God bless you!My love to all! :)

[Oh] how great [is] thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; [which] thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men! 
Psalm 31:19(KJV)


  1. Beautiful pictures and description of your times spent with the children. How wonderful you were able to bless them in so many ways.

    1. Thank you so much, Sabrina!Jesus is so good!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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