February 4, 2013

Vova needs the help and prayers

Vova is one of the sweet guys, whom BOM supports.We love him for his kind heart and a desire always to help when he can.
Right now Vova is in hospital and he needs our help and prayers for his health and that the Holy Spirit strengthen him.

 The matter is that many teens having been "age out" from orphanages, have bad teeth. BOM helps them to treat and resolve this issue. Vova has not good teeth also. Some can still be treated and some need to pul  out already. He suffers every day with a toothache. Thus we learned that the dentist can't treat his teeth, because Vova can't breathe by nose. He breathes through the mouth all the time!When we asked him, why he did not tell us earlier.He just gave a shrug of the shoulders. 

We learned that this sweet guy has this problem for a long time since the childhood. Someone beat him in a orphanage and he has an internal trauma in a nose. He many times asked employees of the orphanage to help him. He was surveyed and there had to be an surgery. But years went and he didn't have it... Therefore he still suffers, can not breathe and because of it can't treat teeth which hurt to him. He can't sleep, can't eat. All he can do, it  suffer from the pain.
Vova volunteers in an orphanage 
About half the year ago the state worker that works with orphans, had to help Vova with it. We spoke and reminded many times. But everything is ineffectual. Time goes but the guy suffers... Therefore BOM decided to take an initiative and to help him. We prayed and the Lord met the need! We found the doctor that agreed to do a surgery for Vova. And the next, during a one day Vova made all necessary tests, was examined by doctors and made everything that was necessary for him during a one day. And in the same day he was put in hospital! Wow! Honestly, we  absolutely didn't expect that so everything very quickly will occur. Even some people (the state workers in work with orphans) were surprised that staff of BOM made everything during one day. Undoubtedly, in it the God's hand is visible!

Thus, tomorrow in 8.30-9.00 AM morning on the Ukrainian time. Vova will have the surgery.Please, will you pray for him, the surgery will be successful and Holy Spirit give peace in his heart?He is worry much and almost cries.Poor guy...

Tomorrow in the morning we can visit him, the doctor let us know.

But there is a small problem. We have to pay for everything. We explained to the doctor that Vova is the orphan, etc. But the doctor explained that in this hospital department has no meaning, either the orphan, or poor or rich, all have to pay. Thus, we kindly ask you to help this sweet guy with it. God already started to bless and showed His hand.We need to pay $400.We already have $175 for Vova.It necessary $225 more.
You can send your gift of love to Vova through the chip-in on the right side of our blog.Thank you so much!

After surgery when Vova will pass small rehabilitation and becomes healthy. We will need to help him with teeth. We don't know how much it will cost. But it isn't expensive, it`s exactly.For example BOM paid around $30.00 to treat 5-6 teeth to one of our guys before.But for Vova we do not know yet.


Also we ask you to pray concerning Vova's registration. It`s one more big trouble this guy has!

The state worker that works with orphans, promised to us that will register Vova and everything will be good. We were glad. BOM helped Vova will get trade school, where he studies now. Every month he got a stipend. But this month he didn't receive. We were shocked that Vova didn't get a stipend, because he still not registrated! It was a miracle that Vova without having a registration, got a stipend before. That person, who had and is his duty, absolutely made nothing!It made us unhappy! Besides this, the  person also threatened him, that Vova remains on the street, if speaks much. We spoke with the director of trade school, where Vova studies, concerning a stipend. That they would resolve somehow this issue. 

It make us unhappy and upset.It screaming of soul! That government workers, who should to do their work with orphans. They do absolutely nothing! So, so sad...It breaks our hearts...

We ask you to pray that Vova would have a registration and God stood up for him.That God protect orphans and give a fear to government workers with regard to the orphaned children.Thank you!


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to help Vova! I see that his fund is already at 100%!!!! Praying for him...and for all of you!


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