February 24, 2013

Visit of students

Do you remember these sweet guys, who had absolutely nothing for winter season and whom, you blessed recently by winter clothes? BOM continue to support them.It is big pleasure for us, to care about their needs, showing God's love.

We were able to visit them at this time and had such great fellowship, sharing the God`s love.We taught them how to live justly, what Bible says and much more.They were so happy to see us!We were happy not smaller. :)
Other boys could to be with also.We had super wonderful time!

At the end we blessed them with food, which we brought specific for them. You would see how these precious guys were happy and how they rejoiced! In prayer they warmly thanked God for those people, who remember them, care of them and for food what the Lord sent, because they had absolutely NOTHING...It touched our hearts to the soul depth.

 The dormitory, where they live is very and very poor.There are a lot of furniture are broken.The one shower is for many and many people.The restroom  has not lock.When you go there, someone have to help you to guard of the door that no one would not go, while you are there.One kitchen is for many people.Boys cook in their room. The little electric stove they put on the window or on the chair in the middle of their room, when they cook.
Here they dry of  their  the washed clothes.

But the most us struck, that the majority of children wear  very worn out clothes and shoes, which are with holes and many children look as street children... The majority of all children there from orphanages, which we visit. They all remember and were very glad to see us. Heart become clenches seeing these children of the hungry, undressed, poor and abandoned. They began to smoke, drink alcohol, wander on streets, live amoral life...Some teens do not know why they study there, some have no goal in life, some do not know why they live and what they will  be do after graduation of the trade school. My heart aches, seeing of these lonely children.They are only 15-18 years old. Very soon they will be on street again...They suffer and they all want come back to the orphanages, where they felt safety. 
Seeing this reality and hearing their thoughts, they look like nestlings not outspread their wings and not ready still to leave the nest.

But they very much would like the fellowship and someone who would love and edified them. They as baby birds in a nest, opened a mouth and are ready that their mother fed them. If only she brought food. They very much thirst for communication, as the person a thirsty of water in the dry desert. Their hearts and souls are devastated.

The idea came to our minds and hearts to come to all children, who wish to study the Bible and to hear the Gospel. To teach them what in our forces. The idea to bring together them in the big room of dormitory, where there is more place and all wishing can come. We asked permissions. And the teacher of a dormitory allowed us! What a wonderful blessing! 
Our desire to give them water of life that will give to drink for their thirsty souls. Our prayer and the purpose to give them spiritual bread and to feed their hungry souls. We at all don't know when we will be able to do it and how. But the desire and big need is. That to warn these children and to give them hope. To show them that there is a sense in life and someone loves them.

Will you pray, please that God would organize everything, gave the chance and blessed?We don't know when, we don't know how, we know nothing... But there is a big desire, huge need and opportunity.

Also there is a desire to help some children (to those, who needs) with clothes and shoes. If you have opportunity and desire to send clothes or somehow to help. We would be very happy to help these children. Clothes and footwear can be not new, but washed and suitable still. The sizes necessary for teenagers, girls and boys. If you are not able to help.Will you pray please,  God provide for this need?

Also this day we could visit girls in a orphanage, Oksana and Marina, who were in TB sanatorium before.Oh, how they were happy! We bring them sweets and fruits they love, apples and bananas. :) We thank God for the opportunity to see them again.They both are such sweet girls!

With pure joy in our hearts and happiness we came back to home.God is so good!

But worries do not leave our minds and hearts. Thoughts about teenagers in trade school, who necessary a care, support and just love.God`s love, what can lead them to the salvation of their souls, give them hope and peace in hearts.


  1. I will be sending some boxes with clothing soon - tops for both older boys and girls, plus fleece tops for little children. How many boys are you helping in this dormitory? All the tops have long sleeves and can be layered under sweaters or jackets or worn alone when the weather warms up.

    I'll try to mail the boxes this week if I can - I need to get the customs forms first!


    1. Right now we support 4 guys. But there are more children, which need clothes. I think, if we will be able to help 10-15 guys. It will be already good.Thank you very much for all your help!God bless you, Susan!

  2. My heart is so sad for these poor dear guys. I will be praying that you will be able to share God's word with them and provide them encouragement and that the Lord will provide for their needs and strengthen their faith.


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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