January 27, 2012

We need your help to break stereotype

I`m very excited to tell you we begin our now project to spread the word about kids with Down syndrome.We have talked here many times we should to start it.So, we start! :)

Than more we read different information about these special kids and adults as well, than more we see beautiful pictures, videos, read wonderful blogs etc.All the more we realise it`s time to start. Time to share information in Ukraine about these beautiful and sunny kiddies!
As many of you probably know that Ukraine does not have special schools, kindergarten or nursery school, special programs, special education, books for these children.Other word Ukraine has NOTHING to develop and train them.As the result Ukrainians know nothing about kids with Down syndrome and they are ignored and suffer here.
Our main goal is to share this information as much as it is possible.To tell people they are same, as many other kids, they can learn, read, write, swim, ride a bike, to work, marriage,  enjoy a life as many of us and not be socially ignored as they are here.
First of all we think to do it in orphanages and mental institutions.We think to share pictures, videos, information with employers of orphanages on special meeting.We did not ask permitting of directors yet but we VERY hope, they let us do it.

Friends, we need your help.It`s very sadly but we have a little information in Ukraine.I found only two blogs of parents who have kids with DS and we know only one organization who work with these kids.I will be continue to search information about Ukrainian kids.I`m not sure or will find more...

Anyway.We would love to ask you.Please, can you help us to break stereotype? We need links of websites where we can find information about special kids.And we need pictures and videos what would be helpful.I know some of you have kids with special needs.We would love to kindly ask you.Can you share with us pictures of your kids?It would be good when they do something.That will show ukrainian people what these children can do.Many of you know parents who have kids with special needs.Probably you can share this information with them and they can send us pictures of their kiddies also. We would be VERY happy to receive pictures and video or links to video as well.

We would love to show pictures and videos of foreign sunny kiddies too.If in America, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico and many other countries these kids can live by productive and full life?But why not Ukrainians?Why Ukrainians sunny kiddies should to suffer? Why orphans should to die and suffer in mental institutions?  It`s not God`s will! 

We excited and dream to break Ukrainian stereotype! Our dream and prayer is to show and inform that these children CAN have a bright future.

Yes, it`s will take a time.We do not know how much.But we excited to do it and very hope that staff of orphanages and mental institution will change their thinking, knowledge, their hearts and relation to these kids.

Please, can you help us by your pictures or links?It will be very helpful! Who knows maybe picture of your little angel will change a heart of someone forever to break stereotype?
Please, can you share this link with many others?Probably someone can help to give us important information?

Thank you so much for any your help! We really appreciate it much!God bless you!


  1. I have many pictures and videos of my little guy, and I am sure I can get more from others for you. My husband has a cousin with DS who is doing Algebra! Email me and let me know what you need. Please put this on Facebook, too, so that I may share. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you, Gwen!How it`s exciting to know that you have a relative with DS who is doing Algebra!Wow!It`s amazing!Yes, I will e-mail you and put on Facebook.Thank you!

  2. Alla,
    this is another blog. On the right hand side she has a whole list of Down Syndrome blogs. I hope it helps.
    and another
    and the UK website with lots of information and resources (links to DVDs, videos etc)


    1. Oh, thank you, Andrea!Yes, it will help!!!

  3. Is there a way to send you a message on Facebook? Andrea

    1. Yes, Andrea.Our page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bible-Orphan-Ministry/174276439251104

      Or on the right side of blog we have way to go to Facebook. :)

      Thank you!

  4. yes, but I don't want to post on the wall at the moment for everyone to see, just to send a message to you personally Andrea

    1. Oh,ok. My personal page on Facebook. Alla Vasilieva

      Go to Bible Orphan Ministry on facebook and you will see administartor, me.

      or if you want, just send to bibleorphanministry@mail.ru :)
      Thank you!

  5. My favorite website for information is http://www.ndss.org

    Easy to read articles!

    Also I have a son who is 6 years old with Down Syndrome who is attending kindergarten, learning to read letters, drawing, painting, learning to ride a bicycle and a horse. I have TONS of pictures you can have...it might be easiest if you can friend me on facebook?

    Also have you talked to noahsdad.com at all? He also has a facebook page with thousands of photos and stories.

    I'd be happy to share our story as well if it would help.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    1. Thank you for the website!Yes!We would love to get pictures and to know your story!I will e-mail you.

      Yes, I asked people to share their pictures with us on facebook page of Noahs.dad.But there thousands people and they did not notice this note.:) But that is ok.
      It would be good, if someone would help to share our link there.

  6. Alla!

    Praise the Lord for your ministry.

    You will want to watch this:


  7. Corey, it`s so wonderful!I wanted to see a person adult with DS. I have never seen before how they live as many other people.We see only in mental institutions and orphanages but not older than around 30 years old.That it`s why we need a lot of information to share with ukrainians.Thank you for the link!

  8. Chris Burke is an American actor with Down Syndrome: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Burke_(actor)

  9. Alla, you are very welcome to have any of the photos and videos you find on our blog! www.theblessingofverity.com

    We have a 19 month old biological daughter with Ds, named Verity, and an almost-10 year old adopted daughter with Ds, named Katerina, or Katie. Both our girls are precious little people, and we cannot imagine our lives without them!!! I want to share this post on our blog sometime soon.

    May God bless you for the wonderful, loving work you are doing! Our family will be praying for you!

    1. Thank you, Susanna!You are very sweet.I`m so exciting to visit your blog.Thanks for prayers, it`s mean so much for us. And thank you to share this post, that would be amazing!

  10. Please visit our boys at theroaddownhome.blogspot.com

    Thank You!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Elizabeth!Very appreciate!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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