January 23, 2012

Such two wonderful opportunities

First of all I would love to thank you, for returning here!We appreciate very much that you take a minute and read our updates.Hope it brings you blessings.You are welcome here! :)

I`m so excited!I have so many to tell you!What amazing God we serve!

First several days of last week was "crazy" for me and the rest of team too. :) We needed to be ready for 3 Bible lessons one after another and we were busy VERY much.We knew we will not have a time to be ready. So, we prepared during several days.One day team worked deep to the night that to be ready and just left a place where we prepared at 2.00 AM. Next day we needed to get up at 6.00 AM will go to an orphanage.Some members slept only 3 hours at this night but some slept only 1.5 hours.Sometime it happens. But that is ok and worth it! :)

We had such two wonderful opportunities to have 2 Bible lessons in an orphanage for girls with special needs.We were so blessed!What a wonderful day we had and excited journey!God is good!!!

The first meeting we had with older girls.When they saw us, oh how they began to excited.They have run to us to give their hugs and kisses!It was so sweet.It was such blessing to see them again!

But when this girl came into the class I wanted to cry...My eyes were full with tears.I`m so sorry for this girl who still can not have a hairs.I feel myself so helpless...She is very sweet and smiles often.
Can you imagine how she feels?..Can you imagine what she feels when she sees girls who has hair? What do you think, what she thinks when she look at herself at mirror???
 Our Heavenly Father created her as wonderful and beautiful creation. She has such kind heart.
She is a girl.It`s so heartbreaking to see her in this condition...We pray hard we can help her.Please, will you join with us in prayer to help her?..

In the beginning we congratulated girls who had Birthdays.And we had many birthdays girls at this time! :)

They were very happy to receive gifts!As no one congratulate them and they never celebrate their birthdays.We were surprise to see a girl(on video) who kissed her gift.

So, can you imagine how they are happy to receive a gift knowing that no one to present a gift to them.Tell you.They wait for gifts ALL time.When we just come into class, children(in EVERY orphanage not just here) begin to say that they had Birthday.And they excited very much to receive a gift!

Please, pray hard for our project, Gifts to Orphans.Your prayers mean so much for us!

Before Bible story we had an object lesson about seeds. Sisters showed to girls different seeds and pictures of that too.After Nadya explained if we want to have good fruits in our heart, we have to sow good seeds in our heart, kindness, love, care, mercifulness,friendship, forgiveness etc. And if we will sow not good seeds in our heart, we will reap bad fruits and will have evil heart, jealousy, avarice, egoism, not forgiveness,envy etc. 

We were talked about forgiveness at this time.As we talked about Joseph who forgave his brothers, when they sold of him to Egypt. If we forgive, our heart is free and we are calm.But if we keep bitterness, we have a trouble.
Girls were very interested to see different seeds.

After Bible story we learned with them Bible verse:  "...forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." Ephes. 4:32(b)

In this helped us a game what girls played.
We have chosen 7 persons. They went on a class while music sounded. When music has stopped they should fast to find to herself a pair. Who hasn't found to herself pair, had the right to open a verse word. As words have been numbered, it was good possibility to repeat numbers with girls.Girls liked this game very much and were exciting to play!
After of game Nadya has made a resume. As it was a little disappointed to who hasn't found pair, how  it was lonely to Joseph in Egypt there.

And in the end we made a craft.

The craft was with the Bible verse and two circles put together by brads where on the bottom circle were events  in Joseph's life. They can twist circles.I think it perfectly, as it helps to remember to girls these events :)

Girls liked VERY much this carft!

One more blessing we had.We could to give sweet marsh-mallow to girls.Oh, how they enjoyed!What a joy and blessing was to them!

Friends, God hears your prayers!We had such amazing time with girls!Several teachers were sitting and has observed during almost all lesson. An one teacher, who was not so happy to see us before.She came up and said: "Please, come to us oftener." Wow! We were amazed to hear it! What a blessing!God works in hearts of employers of orphanage!Please, keep praying!!!

Do you see these beautiful and funny lambs? I hope that you like them too :)
We made them with smallest kids.It was second Bible lesson we had after lesson with older girls.We were so happy we could to have second lesson in same orphanage!What a blessing and wonderful opportunity!

Oh!You should to see these precious faces and their shining eyes when they saw us!How they run to us and give theirs hugs!How they excited!They fly as bees to honey.And it melts our hearts.

In the beginning we congratulated kiddies who had Birthdays.The sweet teacher helped us at this time.We were so blessed she was at lesson and helped us, when we needed it.

Look at these happy faces!Are not they sweet and precious?

During a lesson we sang a song with them.They LOVE to sing with movements.

Before telling a Bible story about Cain and Abel, we had object lesson.
God is so good!We were able to buy fruits and give them piece of each fruit, an orange, banana, apple and kiwi.We have found they never eat kiwi.It was first ever kiwi they eat. :(
Oh, how they were impressed and enjoy by this blessing!When you see their happy faces.You want to cry,it`s tears of happiness.You are happy to see these sweet and beautiful happy faces.You are happy to see how they excited by each little thing and you think can be something better?
Can be something better than to see a smile on face of kid than a tears?

We took fruits because "Cain was a tiller of the ground."
 "But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect." because he had not clean heart."And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell". We have talked how it`s important to have our small hearts pure from any sin.

Kiddies LOVED it very much!The object lesson was perfect!We noticed how they were excited by seeing fruits

Bible lesson about two brothers, Cain and Abel.

Here we played a game to learn a Bible verse.Children attached different fruits on the blackboard.

Such sweet love.Tanya adores Lyuba. :)

In the end we made these funny lambs.Kiddies were amazed and loved VERY much to make them!They wanted to put them one with another. :)

Children should put only cotton wool to already ready paper ball. And also to attach already ready snouts of lambs with eyes.We have made legs of lambs with chenille stems.Sisters have made paper balls before from of the old newspapers.And on top of balls have attached a sticky tape that helps to hold cotton wool.It was fun!

Do you remember this sweet girl, Annya?

Small kids were blessed by sweet marshmallow in the end also.

They loved it too! :)

We had amazing time with smallest kiddies too!They were so much impressed and emotional that even it was heavy to discipline them sometimes.But they were sweet!

And one more blessing we have.When we collected things and were going to go home. The teacher that was with us at the lesson, has approached to us and strongly thanked.She also has been impressed by the lesson, very much it was pleasant to her and she liked it too.
She has told that would be very glad to use our ideas in training of children. To tell the truth, we NEVER EXPECTED  to hear it. What a blessing! Also she has told that children feel this warmly and kindness that we bring and also they become others.They wait for us every time.
We have been amazed and overwhelm to hear it...It warmed our hearts and we praised the Lord!

And we left behind these wonderful and precious hearts who has told us good bye looking through windows.They every time see off us by this way...
Smallest ones...

and older girls as well...

The day was such beautiful.The winter finally came in Ukraine.Winter without snow, it`s not winter here.We everybody enjoy by snow.Everything just is white and very beautiful! On picture is not so nice as it really. :)
We were coming back to homes with hearts full of joy.And we were happy.

On the way to home I was thinking.Why this teacher was so much impressed and liked the lesson very much? Hmm. The lesson was very and very simple, there was not something amazing, inspired or unusual. The thought came in head.I hope I`m right. :) 
The problem is because teachers do not have books, literature or different things what will help them to teach children.Because this teacher thanked again for books and copybooks we brought to them.Thanks to you all! As I told you before, all teachers flew as hungry birds to bread.But what we brought, it is very and very little.They STARVE for different teachers helpers, books, copybooks, different literature, visualization etc.
We pray hard we can help them with different literature to teach children.There is very BIG need with it.Please, join to our prayers in this need!Thank you!


  1. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day with the girls! Sometimes love gives us energy even when we don't get much sleep.

    1. Yes, Lily, we had a wonderful day with the girls!You are right.Christ love gives us energy!Thank you for comment! :)

  2. Thank you sharing. I know the time and energy it takes to put all the writing and pictures together in your beautiful posts! The children are beautiful and I'm glad you were able to bless them and the teachers too.

    1. Thank you! I`m not such good writer or author and blogger as wished to be...But I very excited to do it!


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