January 12, 2012

Our journey of visitation

What a blessed visit of boys we had today!I`m so excited to share with you incredible our journey.

We are very happy come back to our regular visits of orphans after rest a while and vacation in several orphanages.I`m excited to see what God will do during our future visits of kids, what warm and sweet visits we will have, many hugs, happy faces, shining eyes of kiddies etc.

Before share with you of our visit I would like to tell a little information for those who do not know about these kids.

In this orphanage are only boys with autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation and other special needs.

We believe and see that many of the children are high functioning. But they are denied, non-verbal, does not know how to play, has food insecurity issues, multiple signs of institutional autism and is very poor developmentally. They have no toys or stimulation of any kind.With heaviest boys no one speak with them, only push them to go somewhere. They hear only commands. When they outside they are not allowed to play.Older boys told us today, they were not outside since as winter began.Even outside is very warm now and it`s unusual winter for Ukraine.Some boys can eat grass, dirt taken from floor.They are neglected. I should clarify that they are neglected intellectually.It`s very heartbreaking and sadly...We do as much as we can to bring them hope and our love.

We pray hard that God will change hearts and vision of caretakers and administration of orphanage about these kids.Will you join to our prayers?Will you plead Jesus to protect these boys from evil and from all negative things they receive in orphanage?Thank you!

God is good to us!We had such wonderful journey to boys! You have to see their eyes when they saw us!Wow!They began to run to us and hug so much! They were excited so much to see us again!It was something and so warmly!They asked why you did not come so long time, what happened etc? The last time we have been here with generally our program to all orphanages which had recently, about Jonah. Many of you I think remember how God blessed us by these visits to every orphanage where we serve.We were so blessed and thrilled!

Last time we have spoken with director and asked him to give us a bigger room to have Bible lessons if it is possible.Because in room where we had lessons with them before was very small and was real heavy physically.But we were ready to be in small room, even they would not give us a bigger room. We happy to have meeting with boys anywhere.So, director allowed us to have lessons in their dining room and it`s perfect place!What a blessing!We have plenty place and tables where they can make crafts etc.And more boys can to come there! We were so happy to have meeting here again!

We saw God`s hand and had several blessings at this time.Not just wonderful meeting but we had soooo many boys!And even caretakers could to be with us, hear Gospel and even help boys with crafts!We were so excited and rejoiced!
It was amusing, when small children have come to a room, they have sat down at the tables and have started to ask us, showing will they paint, or do something by their hands?How they were excited when we told them that we will do craft. :)

Here are pictures.Oh, we told to them Bible story about Tower of Babel at this time.

In the beginning we remembered Bible story about Noah and flood.And we sang a song about Noah.They so enjoyed this song!

 Aren`t they sweet?


 Nadya is telling the Bible story

 Boys helped to build tower from cardborad boxes.

After story we learn a new song, that name of the Lord is a strong tower. "The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe." (Proverbs 18:10) And they loved this song!

Here is video and next several pictures of game we played with them.We called it "to Build a tower". They needed to build a tower from paper bricks.I think,it was good game for them to find a difference size between bricks, because they were different.Boys should to find and start with biggest brick and finalize with smallest.They liked to build tower and did very good job! :)

Bricks of tower have Bible verse.(Jacob 4:6) "God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."  But we learned it with them with bigger sheet.They did it very well!

The song again. :)
 The next game, we made stickers.They needed to find empty place and stick correct picture.Boys did perfect job! They were so excited!

Well this cute boy is so small that needed our help to lift him up. Can you believe he is 13 years old!?

And in finale of our meeting we made a craft, a tower of Babel with Bible verse.Children liked their towers very much!We were so glad to see their happy faces and hear their positive emotions.

They were really excited to work on this project!Everyone was busy. :)
 And even boys age of about 25-27 made crafts too!

 Look at him how he is working hard.Is not he cute?

Boys wanted to make picture with their towers.

So, we decided to make a photo all of them.

How many towers! :)
 With hearts FULL of joy and perfect feelings we came back to homes! We were happy and excited to see boys again! And as every time they ask, when you come back?..

Tomorrow(Friday) and after tomorrow we are going to have Bible lessons in 2 more orphanages.We would be happy if you will pray for our journeys.Thank you!


  1. How wonderful to see the boys enjoying singing and crafts! It seems this is what they have been waiting for. They love the singing so much.

  2. Yes.You are right, Lily!They love very much to sing and make crafts.We enjoying with them too. :)


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