August 20, 2011

Smallest ones creation of God

God is so good to us! We were able to visit special orphanage for girls where we have regular Bible lessons. We had amazing time with kids! 
Most of all we rejoicing by special blessing for us that finally we could to separate all orphanage by two groups(older and smaller) and we had Bible lesson with smallest kids.

Why i say finally. Because we think and pray about that for a long time. Yes, smaller kids were on Bible lessons but not all time. For many different reasons they just could be with us sometimes. Our hearts were hurt and sorry about them too.Because they are needy love, attention, care and know Jesus too. they are so precious and how we can leave them!? They are beautiful and so sweet creation of God!

When they were together with older girls, it was very hard for them and for us too, because of age, their ability etc. We had understood very well we should to separate and have 2 groups.

We are blessed finally we could do that! Will be it more easier? For children, yes.But for us, no because a lot of children there. We have not other way.Our decision was that 3 members of team will have Bible lesson with older girls.The rest 2(sometimes 3) will have Bible lesson with smallest.

Yes, it will be hard for us.But is it problem to bring a joy and happiness to these precious creation of God?Is it problem tired much bodily and emotional?I do not think so. :) Yes, we are worry little bit how it will work in future. We worry a little or will we able to do that?We pray God will help us, give strength and wisdom.

 So, this time we arrived to the orphanage will have Bible lessons with 2 groups. We have found that older girls can not be with us because they were busy by cutting of apples to make it dry, make ready for winter. Well.We took smallest kids.I thought we will have 15, probably 20 kids. I was wrong. We had about 40 girls in class! What a blessing! In the room were small and older girls too.Those who can not work.
And we had amazing time! Praise God!

Here girls and caretakers are cutting apples.After that they put it somewhere outside where is sun. When it will dry, they use it for drink in winter.We call it compote (stewed fruit).

This sweet girl does not speak, does not react on any action, does not pay attention on anything, can do nothing. We try to teach her elementary things.But really it is very hard if you do not see her every day. All these things have to do caretakers. But they are not able because there many children.And they just have not time for each child. So, these children with special needs suffer there.
This time when we arrived she saw us and began to smile, her eyes were shine, she clap up by hands and we noticed she was exciting by seeing us.So, she began to react! We were so blessed to see that! It is very heartbreaking we are not able to teach them what they necessary, vital things, make their life easier. :(

Girls who had Birthdays. They were VERY glad to get these gifts!
As we began to teach small kids, we decided to learn Bible from the Genesis. Older girls who already know it, they could to recall and solidify knowledges. As they forget often and can not remember well. It was good for them too.

For object lesson we used toys(animals) and fruits(bananas). In the end of lesson we wanted to give them these bananas and also melon. But administration of orphanage did not let us to give rockmelon to children. They were afraid that children will have a trouble with stomach. So, we did not show them it that will not upset them.

Here we showed them different animals and explained that God is creator each of them etc. It was funny when they called rabbit by dog.We think it is because of his ears. But real it is sad they even do not know many animals.

Lemur they called by cat. It is because they did not see animals  except dogs and cats on territory of orphanage. That is why our dream and prayer to God is take these children to zoo. I`m sure it will be the best day of their life! What a blessing would be for them!I can only imagine!

This time we showed to them children cartoon about creation of God. They were excited so much, like they watched cartoon for the first time ever! Who knows, probably...

We have played games, stickers.
The next game was puzzles.We divided all children by 7 groups, as 7 days a week.

They did it real good! But some children they do not know how to play by puzzles.

The next we learned Bible verse "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1

Girls needed to play by ball and say this verse.Not many could do that.

After that we left small kids at class to make a craft but older girls have gone to play by ball with our sisters.

Until we decided who stay at class, small children had pause. Director Misha did a video.They just loved to see themselves and waved their hands. They are treasure of God, are not they? How they are precious and sweet!

We were blessed a caretaker stayed with us and helped with crafts. It was real blessing from the Lord! Because it was very hard with small children in this time.They asked every 2 minutes what will use color, how to do that or that.Some of them call you just to be sure or right color they use. They called us every 2 minutes to ask anything.Even we explained to them before how to do a craft. Ah, really we tired very much. We understand these are special children, they need attention. And God teach us patience through it.Really we tired. But we enjoy by it and happy to be with them and get tired for the lord! :)

At this time sisters have played game by ball. They let us know, have found many girls do not know how to pass a ball over zephyr. But they were happy and excited sooooo MUCH when they could to pass a ball to some one else!

Well.We  have one more idea, dream and plea to God. That will do a playground for them and teach them how to play by ball and other games. Imagine here girls 5-35 years old and they DO NOT know how to play by ball.
In the end we gave to them piece of banana.

They LOVE it very much!

We were glad during a meeting with children 2 caretakers could to be with us and heard about creation of God etc.Also we were glad they helped us much.It was such great blessing and joy for us!Thanks God!

We were very glad we finally began a class with smallest of this orphanage. We need to learn much and study with children God`s way and His will for us here on earth. We need to learn and to know each child in orphanage even it is not easy when usually in class 40-45 children. We need to learn to be observant to each child to consider their special needs and their character and behaviour. We need so much yet to serve these treasures of God and His precious creation! Please, pray for us! Thanks so much for praying!


  1. What beautiful blessings these children are, and I'm sure your visit to them was a HUGE blessing. Thanks for all your team does!

  2. Thank you! Praise the Lord! :)


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