August 27, 2011

Something incredible

 I would love to share with you a story what happened with us last week.As usually we arrived to special orphanage to boys will have regular Bible lesson.The boys were so happy to see us! They excited so much by that, smiled, waved their hands etc.And we were happy not smaller to see them all. We are blessed so much  visit and spend time with them! We thanks God for each moment to be with boys and share love of Christ!We are blessed to see smiles on their faces, shine eyes, how they exciting by something and just happy! We are happy by that! :)

This time it was something incredible.We could not begin a meeting during some time because of behaviour of boys.Some boys did beat one other, some were agressive, some were screaming, in room was so much noisy.It was something horrible!!!!!!!
We could not continue fellowship with boys...When we calmed children they did not hear us.We had try to do everything we could to calm them.But nothing helped... :(  Really we lost courage and felt abashed. We were all overwhelmed and did not know what to do...We thought it will be awful meeting!We could not continue the meeting...
Please, remember this is orphanage for boys with special needs.Some of boys have psychical excitements. Sometimes they can be agressive, break up windows, furniture etc.
We understood we need the Lord.We had only one way, pray. Pray to God and beg Him to help us...
We began to pray and beg Jesus to help us.Please, God help us, we do not know what to do...Please, God we need you...Oh, God please...Everyone prayed in heart and pleaded God to help.
Do you know what? It is something incredible and amazing! God answered our prayers! Just in moment all boys were sitting quietly! We did not expect it and we were shocked! Really, they were sitting so quietly that it even scared us a little bit. Just a few minutes ago, they were screaming, made noise etc. And just in moment were so quiet!  Hallelujah!We were so glad and thanks God!It was something great and amazing!And to the end of meeting they were quiet!

This is not all yet. We felt as Holy Spirit guided the meeting with boys. The 8-10 boys asked Jesus to saved them! Hallelujah! More shock! We were amazed and overwhelmed!WOW!

We had small and older boys.And we had wonderful and such blessed time with kids!

As this time we told them story about Noah.We decided to show to them different animals. It was our object lesson. Also we could to tell them a little bit about different animals whom they do not know and never have seen.They were excited and liked that!

Also we learned with them a new song about Noah. As this song with movements, they had liked it much and enjoyed to sing it.

We had full class about 30-35 boys.We did not have much place, many boys were sitting on the floor. But it was nice.

And they listened the Bible story soooo quietly and attentively much, thanks to God!We were very glad by that and praised Jesus!

Here we played a game.Boys needed to answer on questions about Bible story about Noah and flood. And they did it real good!They liked to turned of circle here chose a question they wanted.And they could do it during long time.Just turned and twisted many times. :)))

Also they loved to place animals on ark.It was so funny!They enjoyed by that!

Here kids made a craft.They chose animal they wanted.We printed a lot of different animals.

They colored and place wooden stick inside, as this two-sided craft.They LOVED this craft!

It seems that this boy wore a narrow shoes what pressed on his toes and he has them crooked.

This sweet boy has 6 fingers on each hand.It remind me a one place of Scripture  2 Samuel 21:20

 "And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant."

But this boy is very kind and most of all joy that he received Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

When we finished Bible lesson children went to dining room for dinner.As there about 90 boys, they eat by several groups, not all together.In the beginning go to eat small after older.So until older boys waited, director Misha could to play by ball with several boys.It is sadly little we could not play with many of them.Because boys after dinner go for nap.Hope next time we will think up something.

 Smallest ones :)
Look at toys of this boy.It is all he has.Very sad.He finds lids somewhere and plays with it. Boys often tell us their wishes or dreams to have something to play. Older boys would like to have balls or any sport games. Smallest boys want to play by cars or any games etc.
Caretakers often tell us, often boys do not know what to do and they just wander on territory of orphanage. Sometimes they run away. Please, can you help come true of dreams these boys?..Thank you!


  1. God can calm a terrible storm or a room full of wild boys. What a blessing that He answered your prayers so you could have a good visit. Thank the Lord for the boys who asked Him to save them!

  2. Jamela in ILSeptember 03, 2011

    Wow, what an amazing thing you are doing here. I am so touched and humbled by your heart to do God's work. I am committing to pray for you daily that God will continue to bless you and this ministry. And that he would use you in mighty ways to bring light to the lives of these children. God bless you.

  3. Aww!Thank you for prayers, Jamela!We need it much!


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