August 24, 2011

School supplies

We exciting to begin a next project "School supplies".In same time we have big burden in our hearts. Because there are soooo MANY needs. The head swims because of that sometimes.
The 1 of September children will go to schools in Ukraine. Same is in orphanages(not in all).Our desire and wish is to help orphans who educate in orphanages where we minister. There are about 760 kids who educating.We need to raise $3000 for that.In every orphanage education is VERY different.

Each orphanage where children educating has a very BIG need in school supplies. It is exercise books, pens, color pencils, sharpeners, fiber-tip pens, albums, colouring, glue, plasticine, educational books, etc. Each director of orphanage ask us to help with these needs.The orphanages have needs of that because governments gives not enough finances for that. Directors of orphanages struggle to care about children. But very often they can not do what they have to do because of not enough  finances...

 Orphans get just a one pen for a year.They can not buy exercise books for themselves.Only when it finished, they have to show it to a teacher and if teacher will see it real need a new, only after that child can receive a new exercise book. If  teacher will see exercise book have if only one clean sheet, child will not get a new.
Also orphans never have color pens, red, black, green, yellow etc. Only blue what they use in their exercise books during lessons. Often after lesson they should to return a pen to a teacher. When lesson begins the teachers give them pen again.It is sometimes every lesson that children will not lose pens.If a child broken or lost a pen, it is big trouble! They have not something their own. That is why children very happy to receive new pens, writing blocks, exercise books, color pens etc.

 These are few pictures for last year.

We weeped to see how children were happy to receive exercise books, pens, color pencils etc. It were tears of happiness. Just this little things made them happy!They were excited so much by that!
This is very big joy and blessing to get these supplies to orphans!


In one orphanage director asked us to help them with balls for physical education. They necessary 60 balls: 20 volleyball balls, 20 basket-ball and just 20 children`s balls. In this orphanage over 100 kids.They have not balls they necessary for that. We would be happy to help with all balls they need.Please, will you help orphans in this need?

Also in another orphanage, director asked us to help them with different things for labor training. They necessary special kind of wood(board), plywood, furniture lacquer, different kind of metal, nails, armature, self-attack screws, different wires, different tools and many, many other. Children learn to make different things from wood and metal.
There many talented children whom need to help.As the orphanage has need and it will help to develop kids and learn many things what  will help them in future to find a work.

The special inspection demands that these all orphanage will do in school program for children but governments does not give finances for that, because have not.Director worries much about that and pleads much to help them with these all things.
Here are few pictures. All of their productions are so beautiful! It is amazing what orphans can make there!


and much more.

We can not help in all these needs what orphanages have, without your help. Please, can you help orphans in these needs they have?
It is real BIG blessing and joy for children to receive these school supplies! Please, will you help us to bring this special blessing from the Lord to these beautiful children?Every cent and $ appreciate!Please, pray together with us about this need.We plead Jesus to help in it as we are not able...
Please, use the chip-in on our blog.Thank you!

Thank you so much for any little your step in this need!May the Lord bless you!


  1. Praying with you for this new project, and hope to be able to help if we can.

  2. Ah,thank you soooo much for your prayers!We appreciate each step in it.God bless you!

  3. Hi I have a lot of new school supplies, crayons and pens I would like to donate. I live in the USA. Where can I ship them to?

  4. That would be great,Alexia!Thank you!I will e-mail to you!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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