December 4, 2010

A Great time!

God gave us the chance to teach a Bible lesson in an orphanage yesterday. We had a blessed time! We were all glad to meet with them! I (Alla) will begin in sequence.

The bus station we use to travel to see the children is very small and simple in this town.


 This is a building at the orphanage.

We told about Abraham, about God’s promises for him and other believers, and about his promised son Isaaс. During the lesson we sang songs, played games, learned a verse from the Bible, talked, and at the end of the lesson we made a craft. It was very amusing to the children to hear a Bible story about a woman who gave birth to a son when she was 90 years old.

To help the children understand God`s promises for Abraham, we gave the children a pinch of sand and they tried to count the individual grains. It was amusing to them.

Here we played a game. The children tried to place stars where they wanted. Then we counted them and taught the children that we can't count the stars in the heavens. After that we showed the children a very short video about the stars in the universe. They were surprised and admired the many stars the Lord has created!

We also taught them to swaddle. Nadya showed them how to correctly swaddle a child.

The children competed among themselves to see who could swaddle the child in the quickest and best way.

The girls have never played with dolls because they never had dolls. Therefore for them it was interesting and amusing to learn to swaddle. The boys enjoyed it very much too.

We played a game to help them memorize the Bible verse.

                   At the end of  the lesson, the children made crafts about Abraham and Isaac.

Each time it is very difficult to leave and to hear the children ask us to stay with them and to come more often. The teachers told us that the children wait for us every day. We cried when we heard that and when we had to say goodbye. The children appreciate the time we spend with them very much!

I would like to add one more moment.There is a boy named Paul in this Sunday school class, who doesn't talk, but he can hear. These are symptoms of cerebral palsy. We also found that he couldn't walk when we visited the orphanage. His feet are curved and crossed over each other.
He isn't able read, write, sing a song with us etc. He can't tell us if he is ill, sad or joyful, he can't tell us if his heart is hurting or if he enjoys something. You can only tell by looking in his eyes or at the expression on his face. At the end of  the lesson, when we had gathered everything to go home , he suddenly and unexpectedly took our hands (mine Alla`s and Nadja`s) and led us to a craft which they did earlier in the class. Then he started to try and help us by fixing our hair, cleaning one of our shirts and fixing the collar on one of our jackets. We were surprised. After that, he asked us to pat him on the head. We were even more surprised. Each child wants to be loved, hugged and kissed! We hugged him and patted him on the head, and we thanked him for "putting one of us in order".
The children appreciate the time we spend with them very much and we wish we could do more for them to make them happy!
Imagine a life led within four walls of a building for 9 or 15 years! You can't leave, have a rest somewhere etc. It is like a jail.The children don’t see much of what is in this world, all the beauty of nature, different cities, parks, swings, zoos, etc. We can only bring a limited amount of joy to the children’s lives. Please pray for these children and ask the Lord to help us to bring pleasure into their lives and help them to be happy!

Ephes.2:10 "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

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  1. what a blessing you all are in the lives of those children. May God richly bless you in all that you do!


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