December 13, 2010

Orphans at hospital

       Today we have visited children of orphans in hospital K. We ask about it God that has given the chance to see again these kiddies. We visited them last Friday as spoke about it earlier.
      There  were 14 children.Children having seen us from a hospital window, waved to us hands before we haven't entered yet into a building. They already cheerfully met us, when we have entered into hospital separation. We have given them small presents, fruit, sweets, shampoo, tooth-brushes and tooth-paste as at them wasn't. Certainly they very much rejoiced! As we have given them small books, stories about Jesus Christ.
     One older boy the  of 15 years, has run away from hospital without clothes, through a window for an hour before our arrival. Has run away without clothes though in the street it is very cold also a frost. Couple of days ago one more boy has run away from hospital too. It is finite medical workers worried and have informed on it to the director of a orphanage. In hospital to children it is very boring, there are no games, toys, books, anybody doesn't visit them. When we have asked them, than you are engaged throughout day. Children have answered, nothing, simply we sit on a bed. Not surprisingly that children escape. But children on are older want  freedom. Often escape from orphanage too.
   We have arrived just in time because 5 children discharged from hospital. Therefore we had a possibility to take away them and to deliver in their orphanage. At this time when wrote out these children, 2 small girls have burst into tears. They spoke we want to want home too. The house they name the orphanage. Some times we had to calm and console, tell them that they soon will at "home' too.
   We have noticed that these children have no mittens, at some aren't present kerchief.Their jackets are not winter, but autumn. Trousers at boys very thin, cold. Their socks not the winter and thin.
Not surprisingly that children often are ill. Please, can you help to  these children buy good and warm clothes?
Please, pray for these children, after all they are necessary to nobody, lonely and are thrown...

                          These kids we took to their "home", orphanage.

  Other children who remained in hospital were by the window and saw off us the sad look.

Please, help these children to have warm clothes.Bible says:
"He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again." Proverbs 19:17
Most of all we need your prayers!

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