September 16, 2016

Update about Anya and her son

Many of you love Anya and her precious son Dima as many other young people. This is such a blessing! :) I would like to give an update and greatly thank you all for prayers about young mom and her sweet son!God is so good!!!

First. Anya taking the medication her spleen moved away from the rib by 2 millimeters a while ago. Later she made a ultrasound. The young lady was so happy to hear that her spleen moved away from the rib on such distance that she does not require surgery at all! This is so awesome! Anna does not feel the pain any more! Amazing, amazing blessing! Praise God!!!

Second. Honestly, I do not know how many doctors we visited to help Anya with a vision. Each doctor says something else, and it's hard to make a deciding... 

Anya is very frequent headaches, and many times she lost consciousness. Once she lost consciousness, when she came into trolleybus. When she woke up. Her first question was, Where is Dima? Good that someone grabbed her son, when Anya fell down. She hit a little foot. But not much. Thank God that did not happen something worse! There were moments, when the BOM team and young people did not leave her alone. Since it was dangerous.Many times called an ambulance when she was ill. 

Finally we found a clinic, where Anya has done a lot of medical researches. We learned that sweet girl began to lose vision already in the right eye. :( The doctor said that it is necessary to wait when a cataract on the right eye will be even more that they could do the surgery on both eyes. This will happen in 5 months. Also, the doctor prescribed to wear glasses. "Oh, I see!" Anya was delighted, when put on glasses.

She looks cute in glasses. Isn't she? :)

And update about her little son Dima. 
The kid began to walk! What a great joy for the mother! Dima did not stand entirely on the feet, but tried to walk on the toes. Thanks to massages and special procedures at hospital, he began to fully stand on foot and walk! Anya is so happy!

 But your prayers still needed. Little kid has Hydrocephalus. A weeks ago he underwent an MRI and the doctor found that the liquid went to Dima`s brain. Also, head circumference became bigger. This sickness brings lots of troubles for little boy. :( 

Anya feels tired spend many weeks and months at hospitals. Every month Anya is at hospital. A week ago doctor gave the medicine and Dima became worse. Doctors did not allowed to be mom with her baby. Anya did not sleep several nights but spent near reanimation... Little boy was in very critical condition... He began to vomit, temperature, frothing at the mouth. Again started epilepsy...He nearly died! But little Dima is much better today thank God!Next week they should be at home. Praise God!

Some time ago we rented an apartment for Yaroslava and her daughter, who were in a very difficult and desperate situation. It so happened that everything was adjusted in Yaroslava`s life thanks your prayers. :) She found a permanent job or alternative housing. Yaroslava was very grateful for the help, support and moved out.  But the Lord had other plans. :)

At this time, Anya was in a rural hospital with Dima, where he almost died. We insisted Anya immediately went to the city hospital. The interesting thing is that the doctor, who almost "killed" Dima did not want to let go of Anya and give her a referral to another hospital. He is often drunk and does not fulfill his obligations. The reality of rural hospitals...

This city hospital which is slightly better than the countryside. 

Mother of Anya drinks often. Not once kicked her out of the house at night with the baby. Not one night poor girl spent on the street. Having studied the situation of Anya, we could not allow to happen something not good with the baby... That is why we offered her move into the city. That her son received a proper treatment. And that she could sleep peacefully and safely not afraid that today after yet another brawl and scandal, she will be cast out on the street with her child.

So, Anya with her precious babe live peacefully in the apartment several months already. She is so happy she can call ambulance at any time. And it will come soon but not several hours like you have to wait in village. She can go to hospital where is better treatment for her son. Anya happy she can stay safe and sound. :) 

Lord miraculously sent funds for housing for Anya, when money were running out. So, loving mother and her baby almost a year can live in safety. :) Also BOM provides all the necessary medicines for kid and food for his mother. Because the Children's Hospital does not feed the parents, they have to find food themselves. Thanks to your generous donations, sweet girl is not hungry and her son receives medical treatment!Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Who knows what would have happened today with little Dima and Anya without your care and love ...See, what your donations doing to save the precious lives...Our thanks never will be enough! 

Please, continue to pray for the young girl, who is often confronted with different challenges and needs help. Pray for her precious son. Pray for a miracle for little boy and his mother. The Lord gave strength to endure all the difficulties, and Anya see His grace, mercy and presence in it. My love to all! ♥

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