September 6, 2016

Fun, fun, fun!

Several weeks ago God gave us opportunity take the young people to a zoo near Kiev. This new zoo opened about 2 years ago. The young adults were soooo very excited and delighted! As most of them never been in zoo!Such a big crowd had such a wonderful time!

A little more than 2 months ago 5 beautiful baby lions were born in this zoo.

 All left their mark making a huge postcard congratulation. The kids were amused.

A worker zoo saw a huge crowd of curious, he bring out baby lion of the cell.

Everyone was overjoyed to admire, touch his hair and pet him! There was so much excitement and admiration!!! Oh, my!!! Baby lion is soooo very cute and lovable! Is not it?

We were surprised but this day could be free to eat watermelon.

All happily enjoyed. Oh, poor woman did not have time to cut a watermelon for such a huge crowd. Ha ha!

In the zoo more than a hundred animals!Many of the animals we saw for the first time in life!It was awesome time!


Never seen a white kangaroo!

Oh how beautiful jaguar! Look at the pattern it! The spots are evenly spaced and look like flowers. Amazing!

Beautiful big cat!

Oh, look the white lion!!! Look at its mane.

White lioness beautiful and graceful...

Lots of different monkeys

I love Sophia`s expression! :)

I like monkey forelock . It's so cute. :)

There you can feed the animals with food purchased on the territory of the zoo.This is so exciting!

All looked with interest camel

Oh, I love long ostrich lashes. So pretty! ;)

Flamingos, black and white swans swimming on a beautiful lake. Where on the coast is a nice castle. The administration tried to liken to  Disney castle.

Stately and friendly rhinoceros. Everyone wants to touch his horn.

The territory has a free trampoline for children, where they can jump even all day long. That is nice.Thus our little monkeys jumped enough. :)))

The territory has a small farm where you can closely communicate with animals to stroke and feed them.

All the children were delighted! They shouted and rejoiced! Besides Sofia. She was scared for a some reason.

This picture makes me laugh for a some reason. Ha ha! Brother Misha loves all animals and always find an approach to them so that all the animals are running to him and communicate with him. Maybe he has to work in a zoo? lol

Yasya felt like the heavens because the small goat licked her! Apparently thanked Yasya that fed her. :)

Oh, so very small and so cute horse!

Pelicans are so huge and gorgeous! Wow!

This pelican thought that the camera is something to eat. Pelican tasting and turned a funny photo.

Oh, my look at this sooooo gorgeous tiger! Makes me speechless. His eyes are simply amazing... Drowning them like in the bottomless ocean... White tiger is amazingly beautiful!

Just great that the territory made such a nice playground.

Our kids had fun.

But the most amazing thing is that everyone really loved the giraffes.They are suitable stretches its long neck and you can get a closer view of them.

The most cool thing is that they can be fed with a hand! Wow!

All children and adults have been like in seventh heaven! Ha-ha! Everyone was overjoyed that could feed the giraffes! Joy and delight knew no bounds!

Having so many wonderful and joyful emotions, all the happy back home. Young people were so grateful for this wonderful and beautiful day! They were thrilled!!! Everyone thanked and said that it was the most amazing day. They received so many stunning emotions! They and little kids will remember this special day for a long time :) ♥

Our special thanks to a sweet lady from the United States who presented this special day in the lives of young people. Thanks to the generosity, love and care, the  young people were so happy and asked to thank those, who made this possible. ;) Thank you very much! Enormous thank you for your kindness and love to these precious souls! You are amazing! ♥♥♥

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