May 10, 2016

Good and not good news about Anya

A while ago we had VERY urgent prayer request about our sweet Anya on facebook. She was in very critical state and could die at any day!

When Annya was about 4 years old or so, her father slapped so hard that he broke her rib. Later, father died, her mother drank and the girl got to the orphanage, where nobody her was not engaged. Since then, about 15 years Anya tormented daily from the pain greatly. 

Few weeks ago, she had twice called for an ambulance and taken to hospital. She had a high temperature, could not talk from the pain, and cried. Poor girl. :( Doctors say she needs urgently do the surgery because a broken rib can penetrate spleen of Anya and she could die! They gave her an anesthetic injection and made a tight bandage. Also she received a dropper several times a day and medication that would relieve the pain.

Doctor said Anya could die during a surgery... But she may die at any day, if she will not have a surgery too! It was like a endless circle. So, it was made a decision to do a surgery, hoping and praying for a miracle. 

When Anya was preparing for the surgery. Her little son got to hospital with ear infection. We hoped after Dima feels better, Anya will get a special direction to another hospital where she would have a surgery.

But we have a great news for you! :)
The doctor said, if the spleen depart from the rib by 10 millimeters, the surgery does not need! Yes, this bump will remain forever. But do not be such a big risk that the rib will break through the spleen. 
Taking medication spleen moved away from the rib by 2 millimeters already! Anna does not feel the pain! Yay! What a relief for the poor girl!This is so awesome! Sweet mommy is so grateful to you all for your prayers and support!Please, keep praying for miracle!
Anya still takes medicine that relieves pain and the spleen is removing from the rib.So, we have a hope!
One more wonderful news! 
We are so very thankful to all, who donated and sent gifts of love  for surgery and post-surgery treatment for this sweet girl! We have ALL funds for Anya! Awesome blessing for precious girl! She is so thankful and happy that people taking care of her!THANK YOU so much for your blessings showing the love, support and care!!! ♥ It means so very much for the single mom and young Christian!

And we have not good news for you about this little sweet family...
The first one.
When Anna was pregnant she had high blood pressure, resulting a blood vessel bursted in her left eye. She was not paying attention but as a result the cataract formed in the eye and need to do the surgery or she may go blind in one eye. Anya has already started to lose her sight. :( 
A small bump under the eye of Anya
The second one.
Small Dima received a birth trauma during childbirth. As a result, he has often  epilepsy. He also has a fluid collects in the head. Two weeks ago, he was hospitalized with an infection of the ear, he felt better. But the temperature did not pass and it got worse. He began to cry constantly, become restless, can not sleep at nights, takes up his head with hands. His little body started to shake, turning blue lips and toes. 
As an experienced mom Anya realizing that there is something wrong with her son, she went to another hospital today, where they will provide better treatment of her son. The doctor in the previous hospital was not polite and did not have a proper treatment, come drunk and was rude toward Ana. Drunken doctor treat people. Yes, but unfortunately it happens in rural hospitals here... 

Today, when she was at a reception at another hospital, right in the office by a doctor of Dima had an attack of epilepsy. Poor baby. Anya was scared!
The doctor prescribed injections and medication. But they cost a lots of money! We ask you please, please, keep praying for this sweet small family! Pray for a miracle! Miracle for both precious souls. Pray for good doctors, for healing and peace in heart of mommy. They need your support and prayers at this difficult time as never before! 
For more questions, please email at Thanks. 

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