September 26, 2016

Surprise for pregnant mommies

Some time ago we had a wonderful surprise for our pregnant mothers, Baby Shower! None of them didn't even realize what awaited them. There was some worries about Alyona. We prepared. 

But she was not feeling well and it seemed that she will not come. Of course, we were going to congratulate her in any case, before or after birth. But we so badly wanted to surprise and amaze her with this special event! Later, we didn't even expect that she will come.

And on the last day we found out that Alyona was better, and that she is going to come! What?! This was so wonderful news! 

And so the day has come!All were in trembling anticipation to surprise moms.

Of course the ladies were excited and Olga even cried from a surprise ...

Memory picture with kids

It was so adorable, when Andrew started to calm Diana when she burst into tears. This care and charm, he took over from his mom Olga  :)

After hundreds of photos the fun began...

Draw the face of the babies. Mothers choose the best.

The winner is the one, who first puts the diaper on the balloon. It was very funny and hilarious! Brothers, who do not have babies, did not know how to dress a diaper. Well. After the game they learned it! Ha ha!

As always kids wanted to have fun too!

Competition between mommies

And kids too :)

Hilarious game! It is necessary to blindfolded to feed a person baby food. The winner is the one who finishes first. Look at Olga's face! Ha ha!

Then we guessed, what date both babies have to be born.

It was so sweet, when the kids also wanted to guess. ♥

All were divided into two teams. They blindly had to change a "dirty" diaper on the clean. It was fun!

All left their wishes for babies. Then we put in a frame. It turned out cute as for me. :)

In the end, after the sweets, Olga and Alyona enjoyed the gifts.

Precious smile :)

As everyone loved the air balloon we made pictures with toddlers.

They are so adorable!

Andrew turned out so cute, when hugged elephant! :)

It is a little late blog post. Because both boys were born already. My apologize!Too much things needed to do... Alyona gave birth a boy 2 weeks ago. And Olga almost a week ago :) They both were named Maksim. Both babies healthy, stay warm and safe with their loving mothers ;) We would love to thank you all, who made this day so special in lives of both young ladies! They both were thrilled and so happy! Thank you very much for donations, sending baby clothes and baby items!Thanks your loving gifts they had awesome time with closest friends and our family church. BOM was able to provide all necessary items for babies. Both ladies could see and feel love of Jesus what touched their hearts and made teary... Thank you very much! ♥♥♥

We were delighted that our surprise turned out successful! :)))


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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