September 9, 2016

Kids at camp

Usually the summer is a time to relax, travel, summer camps. Where can you find new friends, have an unforgettable and fun time.

But it is not for the orphans. It's boring and tedious time for them.No one spends any games, contests and fun with kids. They just roam the camp territory without knowing what to do. Behind teritory camps you can not go, you must be under the supervision of a leader or an orphanage teacher. There's absolutely no games, toys, no bikes, skateboards, etc. There is no hot water wash or take shower. All they have is their room and classmates. Often orphans are malnourished and complain about small portions. There you can meet violence as from the side of the older boys and from the teachers or leaders. Sometimes the older kids run off in search of adventures. Older girls often become pregnant... Children complain that they want to quickly summer is over and go back to the orphanage. :( Because the camp is terribly boring. Children suffer emotionally very much...

Of course each camp is a bit different and it is good if there are newcomers volunteers who conduct various contests, games with children. But in the main camp, it is as unpleasant memories for orphans.

Orphaned children have to wear such shoes every day, weeks, months and even years...It doesn't matter sunny or rainy days. Because they do not have parents, who can buy them new shoes. They have to wear what they have. The orphanage gives an one pair of shoes for 2 years.Since the kids are running, jumping and gambol, shoes wear out very quickly. Therefore, shoes in all orphanages are one of the main problems.

Seeing all this and hearing complaints from children. All this is very difficult to convey in words. This all overwhelmed and has broken our hearts...It's very hard emotionally. The heart is compressed in pain.

Very soon we are came back with a lot of boxes of clothes, shoes and hygiene products.

We are so grateful to a Bible Baptist Church in Texas, for clothing and hygiene products!

Thanks to everyone for all the donations you sent and still sending, financial and humanitarian. From all over the world!

Thanks your donations we were able to purchase more personal hygiene products that every child received a blessing.

We were able to bless orphaned children with lots of clothes.

  Oh my goodness! You should have seen those eyes and cries!

You should have seen the delight and joy when the children receive hygiene products and clothing! The children were so very excited!

A little Beauty in new dress. She loved it! :)

Huge thanks  for a big box of socks!

Small children and teens could receive clothes.

The boy, the second on the right, he was overjoyed, when he saw that he had sneakers to play soccer! Honestly, I did not understand this until the day,  he showed the difference. This is guys stuff. :))) You should have seen his eyes! "I dreamed of having such sneakers and now I can play football!!! This is awesome! Wow!!!" Sweet boy could not believe his dream came true. Thanks once again for sending shoes! You never know how one pair of shoes can bless someone`s heart and  become a reality of his dream :)

Happy to have many clothes.

Precious smile. Sweet girl was so happy to have a new dress!

Teen guy was so glad to get a shirt! He had a Birthday few days later. And he accepted it as a gift for his Birthday. 

I have new pair of shoes! :) He was so excited!

New sandlas, new dress. She was so proud :)

Later we brought lots of different games.  Can you imagine how kids were excited to get so many wonderful games, as they had only one very old ball for over 80 kids? Precious souls were amazed and delighted! They hugged and warmly thank. Children couldn't believe it was for them. It was such a blessing to see the delight and sparkly eyes!Awesome blessing for so many sweet souls! God is so good!!!

They started immediately to play with.

Children were so very excited they can play and to be busy with something.

Near the forest is a spring of where we are from time to time take water.

 The water that we have is not good for health, especially for drinking or cooking. It is not nice to smell, smell bleach sometimes, visible grains of debris, it is yellow color, white clothes eventually becomes gray and the water is harmful to health. Even if you brush your teeth, and monitor your health over time from this water formed cavities in teeth or problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

 We often can not go to fetch water, since it takes half a day and do not always have someone to help carry water, all the guys are working.

A brother Misha has a hernia from the fact that often lifts up a heavy load. He needs a surgery. So we go there, when there is a possibility. And so we buy water for cooking. But the water from a spring that is much tastier! We thank God for this! :)

Thank you for touching hearts of these precious children! Thank you for showing your love and care through donations! Thank you very much for compassion and the manifestation of God's love!Your big and small blessings, not only cover the needs of the children, but also bring joy, excitement and become a reality their dream. :)))


  1. What a wonderful blessing.Beautiful joy in there faces.~Amy


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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