June 13, 2016

Fun for girls

Several weeks ago we took one more group of girls out of the orphanage to have fun and eat in McDonald`s. They were so excited to come and could not await this very special day! :)And finally it happened. Yay! 

Most of the girls are 33 years old and they have never been in the city! It is hard to believe...The orphanage is located in a village, where  is absolutely nothing for entertainment. All the more so girls can not go beyond the orphanage. Their whole life is a small walled territory. Therefore, they were a little scared hum and noise of cars, tall buildings and wide streets. They were afraid to go and held hands.
When they turn 35, they will be sent to a asylum for adults, where they will spend the rest of their life. These places nobody to visit and the elderly die of distress and loneliness. :( The young ladies know about it... What they will be sent to the asylum and stay there forever. 

Therefore it is one of our goals bring joy to their lives when it is possible.

So, we had such an awesome day!We went to a big store to buy some fruit and sweets. At the same time they learn how to use the weights.

They looked curiously different animals in a zoological store. And they were delighted and long laughed when they saw clothing for pets, in particular for dogs. Why do people dress up the dogs, they asked? :)

Here, as always, we had a problem. Girls terribly afraid to take the step of moving escalator. We had to help them :)

We had so, so much fun! They screamed, they laughed,they jumped from a joy and excitement at this day.
It was super impressive to drive on cars! ;)

They loved it!

The young ladies learned how to play bowling

It was super joy, when they got the target! Yay!

They loved to go down on a trampoline!

 The faces are simply radiant!

So, so much fun!

They liked so much a carousel as cars up and down! So they rode twice! Ha ha!

Finally McDonalds! Awesome! The first McDonald's in life! We taught them how to use a straw to drink. Since they first ever drank Coca Cola, the girls were asked what it was. :)  We showed how to eat french fries, mcchicken, chicken mcnuggets, how to use napkins. The orphanage do not have them there and nobody uses. They were overjoyed to eat in McDonald`s!

Here is the video of their delight :)

The young ladies hugged, kissed and thanked hundreds times for this special day in their lives! They said, it was most amazing day in their lives!!! Wow! What a great impact in their lives! It is such a great joy to see happy these sweet young ladies. It is such a great blessing to make them happy through little kind of kindness, make their faces alight with happiness and see asparkle eyes. How wonderful and awesome!!!!


  1. The smiles on their faces are so sweet. What a happy bunch of big kids. :) It's so hard to believe that they didn't know how to use napkins or a drinking straw?!?! So sad to think of them being so isolated and for so long. God Bless you all for giving them some happiness and friendship.

    1. Thanks, A Jakob. Yes, it is sad reality that they being isolated for so long and they do not know how to use a drinking straw and many other things. That is why they are very happy when someone visits them and it is more joy when they out of the orphanage.God bless you too for your love and care!


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