June 7, 2016

Update of the Nursery Room

Look what a wonderful blessings we have for the Nursery Room, our current project! Yay!We are moving forward little by little. So, we finished with the floor and painted the walls.

What a beautiful shelving unit or hutch we have! We can place there toys, games, diapers, blankets, other word all kids stuff. It is so cute!

And finally we have beds and tables. Little kiddies have place to sleep! Awesome! Such a great blessing for moms, when they come to church!

 Little Edick was so excited to help brother Kevin!

It was so precious! :)

 His younger brother Andrew repeats everything is doing the older brother :) When he saw that Edick is "busy" he decided to help to make the tables also. They both were so excited! So priceless!

When we placed the tables. Edick asked, "And where are the chairs?"
What?! Oh, how it could happen? I have been so very, very busy that simply forget to buy chairs! Ha ha! So, we are going to provide it soon :)

Also we bought beddings, blankets and pillows for little ones.

Kids have started to use these cozy and cute beds. It is so wonderful they have place where to sleep and rest!

Do you see this carpet on the floor?I was amazed when opened the box one day! Some generous lady sent this carpet to the Nursery Room. She had no idea what colors we will use! I love! Love it! I`m so excited to see how colors matching! The very same colors as we have on tables and beds! And how God works through little details and you can see His loving hand through it :) He is so good!

The precious souls already play on it.

The same lady blessed with a play castle. Kids loved it!

They were so excited to play inside!Oh, my!

Little crazy monkeys. I love them!

This is not all. There are more have to come. :) Not only chairs. Lol. Moms are so happy their kids have place where to play and rest! We are super excited by the Nursery Room! Thank you so very much once again to all, who make it possible!


  1. Adorable! What a blessing for your church.~Amy


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