June 16, 2016

Gifts to Graduates

A month ago I was so very busy that had no time to make a blog post to raise funds for graduates. It was left few days before our last meetings with graduates and Last Bell ceremony.

I began to count days and we still did not have money. We began to pray asking our loving Father for a miracle. We needed around $1200. Honestly, I began to nervous a little as we had only few days! Do you know what?! Just in few days God provided funds through at one sweet family! Wow! Wow! Amazing!!!
So, we were able to buy Bibles,  kitchen utensils, blankets for 60 graduates! This was awesome blessing! We were super excited and praised God!

So, we were able to hold last meetings sharing with teens about God`s love.Brother Kevin(who spent several weeks with BOM), could share his testimony as well.

And in the end BOM could to bless graduates with beautiful gifts.

I love how this guy cherish his gift :)

So priceless! ♥

In one of orphanages we were at Last Bell ceremony, where brother Misha could give last guidance and encouragement from the Bible to graduates. It was sad to see that from 17 graduates of this orphanage only 5 relatives came to congratulate the kids. Can you imagine the sadness in their hearts? But we were blessed to encourage them. They were so glad to see us at this ceremony! :)

The most wonderful blessing about 10 young people in different orphanages, asked Jesus Christ to saved them and change their lives!It was so wonderful to see how they did not hesitate and shy of the classmates to become  on their knees before God! How great!

 It was wonderful to meet teachers, who taught me when I got to this orphanage at age 9 years old. And meet my classmate as well. It was sweet time of fellowship. It was such a wonderful opportunity to share about Jesus Christ what he did in my life!

Praying for these sweet kids that God`s seeds planted in their hearts will bring fruit of Spirit some day.Hoping to meet them someday...

We are so grateful to a sweet family, who blessed these precious teens with such a beautiful gifts! We are amazed and humble with goodness and mercy of God, who takes care of our needs. He is always faithful, even when we are not faithful. He is great!!! He is worthy of praise!!! Jesus Christ is only alone alive God!!!


  1. amazing ! Thank you God !

  2. Yes! Amazing blessing! :) All glory and praise to Him!


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