June 28, 2016

Heartbreaking truth

Honestly I don't know from what to start... Because I feel sad and heartbreaking. It hurts and disappoints. I simply can not find words.

A while ago we raised funds for Sudarik family. They had a great need with housing. They had no where to go with their sweet newborn Artem!
We were super excited that so many people generously donated! Also we were able to find an apartment very soon and we could to renovate a little to prepare the lovely nest. Very soon precious Artem arrived to lovely, warm and safe home. It was such amazing and such a wonderful blessing!!! Our hearts were full with pure joy for this sweet family! We were so very happy they were safe, saved from hunger, terrible cold, had lovely nest and all together with their newborn son. We saw God`s hand in many small details! Our joy was no end!!!

But Ruslan and Marina suffered. Like a lot of young families, they were not ready to live together... They suffered emotionally very much. Quarrels, fights, tears, disagreement, etc. We helped as best we could. Gave consultation, advised, prayed, fasted. But one day Marina just left the home... Since then, we have not seen her any more. We tried to find her to drive to other cities, call, trying to find any connection. But all this is to no avail. :( All that we know. Marina is alive and her son Artyom with his mother. Both Ruslan and Marina live separately.

It breaks my heart... I`m sad that we could not save this family. I know we can not save all. We can not help all around. But knowing both young people in person, it is heartbreaking... Their wounded hearts only Jesus Christ can heal. Only through Him they will be able to forgive each other. Only in Him they can find rest in the souls and hearts.Please, remember them both in your prayers!

But the apartment is not empty. :) Today there live two wonderful young people, who have nowhere to go. Vova and Sasha are very pleased that the Lord has given them housing. Also often other young men stay for a night, few days or weeks, who need a temporary help to stay somewhere.

 Recently we were approached by a young man, who asked to stay temporarily. Because the dormitory of trade school, where he studies is closed for the summer and he has nowhere to go. 

Cause of God does not stop! This house became a refuge and safety for many young people already. :)
We are so very grateful, who helped before and today still helps that not only Sasha and Vova, but other young guys have a place, where to lay their heads! A sweet and lovely place where they feel safe and warm in cold seasons!
Huge enormous thank you for your kindness and generosity! Many thanks for your kindness and loving heart for these young men! Many young people simply have nowhere to go! Many of them are simply homeless. Thank you! Thank you very much that you are such a great blessing to them!


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2016

    I am saddened to learn this- Marina and Ruslan were so young when they began their family - I remember being concerned about them previously. Is BOM still in contact with Ruslan?

    Meanwhile, it's good that the other young men can live in the apartment safely and not have to worry about housing.

    The Reece's Rainbow Family Reunion was wonderful! I saw old friends and made new ones. It was wonderful to see the children doing so well and living happy lives with loving families now, too. I passed along your greetings and told others about BOM's ggreat work.

    I will keep Marina, Ruslan, and their little son in my prayers.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

    1. Yes. Ruslan comes to church sometimes.

      That is wonderful to hear you had a wonderful time Susan!And thanks for sharing about BOM :)

      Thank you for prayers!
      May God bless you richly!


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