November 21, 2014


Dear Friends, with a humble hearts we ask you to save orophaned children from terrible cold and darkness! My hands are trembling to typing...and eyes full with tears.Our hearts are broken and we are greatly concerned about these suffering kids...

Few days we had rain with snow, wind and icing. Many electrical wires are broken in over 600 residential places no electric power in Ukraine. Our oblast mostly was harmed.

We ask you URGENTLY pray for 135 orphaned children, who stayed today without electricity power, water and heat in the orphanage due weather condition! The pipe what keeps warm building has burst. So, children feel cold, sitting in darkness and cookers cook a meal outside in such cold weather...It is awfully!!!

The temperature inside of the buildings is terribly cold! Director asks us to help with candles, thermos make tea that keep children warm, maybe charging flashlight etc. We have few charging flashlights what we have bought for young adults, who under BOM supports. Because our government was going to save electricity and turn off every day for some period. We had to be ready... But thanks God it did not happened and we have electric power in our homes today. But we give those charging flashlights to many more poor souls, who suffer today. And we need to buy it more...

Yesterday I got a call from a young lady. She studies at a training college.
-Alla, I'm in a big trouble. It is a catastrophe...I do not have place where to go...
-What happened?
-College doesn't have light power, heat and water. They told us go home till Monday. They hope maybe they will fix it till Monday-Tuesday.

Many students went homes. But how to be for the orphan, who does not have place where to go???... I can imagine the fear of this young lady... Thanks God we have found a temporary place for this precious girl.

But HOW to be these precious children, who feel cold and sitting in darkness in the evenings and nights today???I believe many of them pray today and ask Jesus to save them from cold!Oh, my!

We are looking for ANYTHING to bless them....Please, pray for these poor children and God will help them in their vital needs. We will update and let you know as soon as possible.

We kindly ask you to help them with ANY amount, if you can... A small gift of love may warm their not only little bodies and save from sickness but warm their precious hearts and show the care and love of Christ. Please, send your gift of love through PayPal Thank you very much! 
And we ask you to share this need. It is vital and urgent! We are going today to the orphanage to bring what we can. But they need much more...Thanks.


  1. Alla, can you put a Paypal or Pitch In! button on your blog? It would make it easier for those of us who don't have our own Paypal accounts to donate.

    I hope the children can use some of the warm clothing that's been donated recently. Wearing layers really helps!

    I just checked the current weather in your area - so glad the sun is shining today and that the temperature is above freezing. I hope it warms up even more soon, and will be praying for everyone.

    Thinking of you,
    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

    1. Yes, Susan I was going to do that...

      We had sun shining today just for a few hours...Today at night should be -8C. In buildings where are children is 9-12 C( 48,2-53,6F).

      Thanks a lot for prayers and support!

  2. That was quick! I just donated, and hope others will do the same as fast as they can.

    My city was without power for eight days because of an ice storm about eleven years ago - it was very challenging and took a long time to recover. Electrical workers came in from far away to help repair the downed wires. I was glad I had a candles and a fireplace, but ran out of firewood and had to borrow more from my neighbors. I was VERY thankful when things got back to normal. So I can sympathize.

    Do you have the little chemical hand warmers in Ukraine? You just shake them, and they get warm and last for six to eight hours and are very convenient to put inside gloves or pockets. I can send you some if you can use them- they are very inexpensive. They do get quite hot, so little children shouldn't use them, but others could put them to good use.

    Are these the children who recently received the beautiful quilts? If so, I am sure those quilts are helping to keep them warm right now.

    Thanks for all you do for so many...


    1. Susan, eight days!That is awful!Wow!Glad everything got back to normal.

      I know about chemical hand warmers you are talking. No, we don`t have it in Ukraine.Yes!We would be so grateful, if you can send them!Thanks.

      Sad.But yep that are same children who recently received the beautiful quilts.God has provided it so in time!

      Thank you!


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