November 14, 2014

I will keep your gift...

So pretty excited! We had such a wonderful visit of girls today! It was so amazing time with these beautiful souls!

We didn't expect that...But when they saw the blue(our) van, they started to wave hands, screaming of the joy and were running to the meeting. I wish someone would take a video at that moment...Just in 5 minutes, all girls were sitting at the class and were ready to listen sitting so quietly with such attention. Love that! :)

We told them a Bible story about 10 commandments at this time. Before that we have been talking about road signs. What happened, if people break it...

We have formed a Mountain Sinai from several big and small boxes and then covered by a paper. It was not exactly what I wanted and tried to do before but it was fun. :) Make a cloud took us several days. I love how it worked out well!  It is not very well visible on the picture. But we can use it for many Bible stories. Hope, children will remember well the story.

Also we played different games.

It was so fun when they blew up balloons!

Thus we have learned and remember 10 commandments what we attached to the board on the table.

At the end we made a simple craft, Moses with commandments.

Girls enjoyed to color and make it.

But I would like to stop here and thank you, who send "gifts" to the orphans. It means so much not only for these young ladies but for all "our" children!!!

 Today as always we congratulated girls with their Birthdays. They never celebrate it, no one wish sweet and warm words, no one present them a gift, no cakes, no candles and so on and so on. Can you imagine that their Special day looks like as usual day, nothing special, no events? ... How would you feel, if no one did not call you over phone and congratulated you in your Special day? What you would think, if no one your friend and beloved one did not give you a hug and say special words? So, these all beautiful souls are deprived these special feelings and joy.

They were so happy to get a Birthday gift!

An one young lady approached me and said quietly, "I will keep your gift and will sleep with it to remember about you". Oh, my! Think. Just a small your gift means love. Love of God and care to the young lady...How priceless. Thank you! Thank you sending your love over ocean and through different countries.

Yep. Kittens have found a home at the orphanage. Girls feed them and try to keep them warm. On the picture not all kittens are present. There were lots of them!

Those kittens remind me of these young ladies, abandoned and thirsty of love and attention...


  1. What an incredible work you are doing...
    God bless you abundetly !

  2. Cute kitties, and cute girls! I am glad they have each other to love. But I also hope all those kittens can be neutered, so there won't be more cats than can be cared for.

    What great ideas for teaching Bible lessons! You and the other BOM members are so creative, and I am sure the girls will remember these lessons and your visit for a long, long time.

    Cousin to 2 from U.


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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