November 22, 2014

A little update about current project

How wonderful!!! How merciful Lord Jesus!!! Thank you! Thank you very much! Thanks your participation, we could raise 90% of needed funds for the current project! Praise God!!!! Oh, how good the Lord Jesus to these precious kiddies!...

We were able to visit these beloved ones.

Do you see this poor doggie, who tries to keep warm? Well. This is temporary stove where chefs cooked food for so many children... Several times for a day. It seems that stove was still warm.

 We could provide candles and charging very well lamps. Director was so surprised as she didn't expect that we come so late (in darkness) and will help in their need. It was urgent and vital! How we could not come? She greatly and warmly thanked. So, we greatly thank you all! :)

As today Ukrainian people don`t know what happen tomorrow... Because of the war, economic situation, gas issue etc. Many people are greatly concerned and buy those charging lamps, flashlights. So, it is even not easy to find it! We took all a store had.

This how lamp gives a light. But because flash of camera it is impossible to see.

So many local residential places still do not have electric power. :(   The ice was so heavy and so much that broke so so many trees, electric wires etc.

But today orphanage has an electric power! Yay! So, kiddies stay warm thank to mercy and goodness of the Lord Jesus! Many, many of you prayed, donated and shared of the great need! Oh, how we can thank you all? Your generous love and care warmed over hundred kiddies! When they saw BOM team, you would see how they were happy! :) They saw that they are not alone and someone loves them! How wonderful!
Director shared with us. It was so hard when children were afraid go a bathroom in darkness or feed them in dining room. And how they all felt cold. It was terrible! 

We were not able provide everything they need as we could not find it. So, in few days we are gonna come back to the orphanage again.

But we thank God that many of you opened hearts to these sweet kids. If they will not have electric power. The winter only begins and everything can happen. Those  little treasures will not be sitting down in darkness at least :) We are so happy children stay warm today!Praise God!!!

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