April 11, 2014

Giving clothes to the orphans

Such a great joy and blessing!Few days ago we visited an orphanage and clothed over hundred kiddies. Wow!

Yes, we brought these huge boxes of different clothes. Awesome blessing!

 Some young ladies that joined to BOM, helped us. This was such a huge help and a blessing that we had extra hands.

 Yana(in dark blue jacket), graduated this orphanage the past year. I told before about her on Facebook Here. When we came, she said,  "I know everyone here and I'll help you!"  What a nice girl. :)

It took us several hours to clothed all children.

 But everybody were so glad to get this blessing!

Precious smile

More sweet souls with their blessings

These boys were especially happy. They are so sweet!

 All children received a few pieces of clothing. Excepting teenagers. We need clothes for children aged 14-15. They are all tall, but thin. Maybe someone has a chance to help clothing for teenagers, jackets, trousers, sweaters, and for girls any clothes will help. It can be used/worn but clean and in good condition.Thanks.

Also Yaroslava met a girl with whom she studied in one of the orphanages. This young lady later was transferred to this other orphanage. Yaroslava saw her, gleefully running up to me saying, "I know! I know this girl! I was with her in one orphanage!" "Come to her, I think she would be happy to meet you again," I said. :) Then a long time they communicated with each other. Nice meeting :)

So excited that so many orphans received clothes! Praise God! Administration greatly thanked. THANK YOU so very much for all your packages!!!You are such a great blessing to these kiddies!


  1. Thank you sooo much for posting these photos. This is the orphanage my kids were from and I came to love these kids so much after spending so much time there. It makes me see even more why I need to be there adopting one more. Thank you again for being His hand and feet.


  2. You are welcome, Tina! Yes,they all are so sweet kids and like to communicate. I am so glad to know it helped you in decision of adoption one more sweet soul.Thank you for giving bright future to Ukrainian children!

  3. Some of those clothes look familiar! ;-)

    What a coincidence - I just found ten pastel fleece hooded jackets for teenage girls, about an hour and a half ago, on sale at really low prices, so I bought them for you to give away. I wish the girls had them right now - I heard about the present cold weather in Ukraine. I will send them soon, however. Maybe they could be "graduation presents".

    I told the lady at the check-out (at K-Mart) about BOM when I paid for the jackets, and I hope she will read your blog. Another lady, a customer, said she thought I must have a really big family! :-) I told her the jackets were going to be worn by teenagers in Ukraine, and that I had two teenage cousins from Ukraine.

    I have more flannel pajamas for little children, too, plus those boxes of t-shirts that could be worn by either boys or girls, and a few dark blue denim skirts for little girls. I have two boxes packed now (t-shirts and skirts) - just need to fill out customs forms and seal them. I will try to mail them on Monday.

    I looked for a baby doll for Edick today, but didn't find one I liked. I'll keep looking,, though, and will send it as soon as I find it!

    Sending good wishes for a safe and peaceful weekend for you, and for Ukraine. Thank you again for all you do for so many.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

    1. Wow!Thanks a lot Susan, for everything you do. Many thanks for telling others about BOM. We so much appreciate it!

      Sending good wishes to you too!We are safe, thank to the Lord Jesus. But on the East of Ukraine is not calm ... :(

  4. What happy faces when receiving new clothes. How do we send clothes to you from the USA?

    1. The shipping company I use to ship all the stuff to Ukraine is Meest. You would need to see if they have an agent somewhere near you. Here is a link to their list of agents. I would make sure to call first as some of the agents have different rules depending on there capacity. Also if they seem rude do not take it personal it is a bit of a hold over from soviet times, the lack of customer service.


      When I ship I use either large of medium U-haul boxes and pack then solid. Meest lets you have up to 60LBS per box and you can ship 2 boxes to and from the same person at the same time. So to get around the rule I ship some of the boxes to Alla and some to her sister, I also have my parent and relatives sign the custom forms and put their addresses on the boxes, this way I normal can ship 6 -8 at a time.

      Last February I when I shipped boxes a 60LB box cost me about $50.00 but I also receive a small discount. There are 3 fees a per weight fee, a per box fee and a per box delivery fee.

      When you ship with Meest they will have you fill out a customs form. To fill out the form you need to have the address and phone number of the person receiving the box as Meest will call the day of delivery to make sure someone will be there to get the box. You will also need to list on the form what is in the box. When listing the items be generic so as not to attract attention. Never list food as food, I send it all the time but I mark it under household item on the form. Ukraine has strict rules about bringing or sending in food items, it is not illegal the rules are just a bit complex.

      I have never had problems with customs or delivery, I would guse I ahve shipped at least 500 boxes over the last 10+ years.

      IF you need any help you can get my email from Alla

    2. We are closer to the east coast and have used a service called Lviv Express in New Jersey. http://www.reocities.com/madisonavenue/9777/

      You have to call them to get a postage label. You then drop the box off at UPS and it is shipped to New Jersey where it gets put on a ship. They send you a bill. The minimum weight is 40lbs and costs about $60 for a 40lb box. Our packages take 4-6 weeks and have always arrived safely. We learned of this service from a missionary family who used them successfully

      It can be challenging to get a hold of them by phone to get your first label, but after that, they will just send you a new label when they send your bill, so you will have one for next time.

      When you pack your box, you just attach the label and also an envelope which has a paper inside listing your address (for billing), Alla's address in Ukraine and a general list of what is inside. We do the same and just list...household items, clothing, books, toys etc.

    3. jahkamakura, thanks for your interest. Please, email bibleorphanministry@gmail.com for more details of sending packages.

  5. I've used the mail to send packages - it's more costly, but much faster, with things arriving in six to ten days. There is a detailed but straight-forward customs declaration form which must be completed for each box, and be sure to put the Ukrainian postal code after the city, not after Ukraine - otherwise it can be confused with the New York City zip code, I was told by the local postmaster! Be sure to indicate on the customs declaration form that the contents are "charitable donations".

    Hope this helps - right now, I feel that it's important to get things to Ukraine asap. My car has a flat tire, and the spare's gone flat as well, so the boxes of T-shirts I hoped to send on Monday may have to wait a day - but they will be mailed this week. Meanwhile, being stuck at home means I will walk to a neighboring church instead of driving to my own church this morning, then spend the afternoon doing yard work! New tire(s) coming tomorrow...

    Praying for peace, justice and democracy in Ukraine and throughout the world.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U,.

  6. Oh!I even did not expect for help. What a blessing you all are. Thank you, Sabrina, kahpo R and Susan!

  7. Do you know how the little girl wearing red, in the seventh picture, got that black eye and big bruise on her cheek? If she was attacked, I hope whoever did it was reprimanded severely. Safety of children should be paramount. She looks frightened and sad to me...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  8. We asked her about this bruise also. She said that swung on swing and fell down.

  9. Thanks for caring about her - I hope she heals quickly and feels better soon.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.


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