September 1, 2013

Yes! It happened!

  It happened dear Friends! God answered our prayers!It happened a miracle!!!
The very last day God sent a wonderful blessing to Olya enough not for a month but for FOUR months!Oh, my! It is AMAZING!Praise God!!!!

  Thank you VERY MUCH for your enormous concern and efforts to help. Thank you SO much for your participation and prayers. We are so excited and happy! It's amazing to see how God blesses through His precious children and generously pours His wonderful blessings! Just for a day we raised 45% of needed funds. It is almost half! Wow! Only alive God is God of wonders!

  Our wish is to raise $1,700.  So, we still need $921 more. PLEASE, keep pray!We believe with all our hearts, when God began to bless, He will finish and not leave on the half way. :)

  Olga entered to the Lyceum- school. Yesterday was a bit of a difficult day. It took some time that would settle her in the dorm. Then all the students of the Lyceum gathered in the auditorium and had a meeting and introduction with the administration of the school. Then the meeting of the  group in class and getting to know the teachers. We were able to pay for tuition, housing, etc. All this took some time and we're all a little tired. For Olga it was a special and exciting moment. When we said goodbye, this precious girl cried herself suddenly. In the beginning it will be difficult for her... After all, everything is new for her. The new city, the people, the place of housing, bandmates, a way of life. She started a new life... She worries, a lot of thoughts and impressions.
We would be so thankful, if you would pray for this precious soul.That the Lord will help her in everything.Thank you!

Thank you very much for giving her a chance to have a future!

P.S.  Donations can be made through PayPal BOM,

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