September 16, 2013

What is with Zhenya`s family

The first, we would like to thank you all for prayers for this poor, Zhenya`s family.
The second, PLEASE, keep praying!

Finally, I can tell you some news that we have for today.

Since that time, as happened this grief and trouble at this young family, we visited them a few times to do something about this issue. But it was hard, because precious little baby Victor was sick and his mother was with him at the hospital. Husband Zhenya works till 8.00 pm, and he is unable to decide something. Finally a sweet baby is feeling better by God's grace, and he is at home.

The family still lives in the house that this poor girl bought. But every night they are going to bed and DO NOT know, whether they will spend the next night in this house. Of course, they are frightened and feeling discouraging. You can imagine what they feeling...

We spoke with several local authorities. Here's what we found out. First . The police is doing their job in concerning aunt of Zhenya . I do not know how this will end , and whether she will be in jail. But her aunt is famous by not a good reputation in the town. 

 The second. We have asked some questions and asked for help . Since Zhenya is the orphan and has a newborn baby. She also acquired the government house , which generally can not be sold . There are certain laws in our country. That is a BIG trouble even for government staff! There so many details. That not to confuse you , because the laws of our country and the laws of other countries can be different . After talking with the local authorities, we realized that the best option for this family, to move from there  in search of a new home. Now we are working on it. This may take some time. One kind person blessed $500  this poor family. Glory to God !!! That will be enough for a few months to rent a home for them!

PLEASE, we ask you heartly continue to pray fervently and unceasingly for this affected family. Pray that we were able to find an  inexpensive and good house/apartment as soon as possible . Also, for  a  new work for Kolya , as he forced leave this one, in connection with the move.Thank you VERY MUCH!

If Heavenly Father moves your heart to help this family. Donations can be made through PayPal BOM  Thanks a lot!May God bless you!

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